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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Three email scandal investigations. “There’s a dirty inner fight going on all the time”

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The prosecutor’s office is conducting three proceedings regarding e-mails from Minister Dworczyk’s post. The investigation concerns, among other things, “exceeding powers by public officials using private mailboxes for official matters”. We learned about the e-mails for the first time over two years ago, and about the investigation now – during the election campaign.

PiS politicians have already started collecting signatures, although the lists of candidates have not yet been approved. According to politicians, the lists are to be ready next week. I don’t think there will be any big surprises. Parliamentarians who are currently deputies will stand for election – says Bartłomiej Wróblewski from PiS.

However, the devil is in the details and in the number of places for Sovereign Poland. The decision of the prosecutor’s office to initiate three investigations into Dworczyk’s e-mails is – as the opposition explains – an attempt to intimidate Morawiecki and his environment. “There’s this dirty internal fight going on all the time. Should ziobrists be lower or higher? Should Morawiecki’s environment be lower or higher on these lists? There, everyone is jostling for their position – believes Marcin Kierwiński from PO.

PiS politicians do not want to comment on the matter, as do Sovereign Poland politicians, although in recent months and years there have been clashes between Morawiecki and Ziobro over Poland’s approach to the European Commission.

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After the publication of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, which was the first to write about the investigation into the e-mails, the prosecutor’s office responded and confirmed that standard activities were being carried out in the case. These “standard activities” – this is already information from “Gazeta Wyborcza” – may lead to charges against the prime minister and his closest associates. – They should be judged. I cannot imagine that in a democratic country we would have to wait for months or even years for one of the biggest scandals that has happened to be clarified, believes Hanna Gill-Piątek from the Civic Coalition.

Questions about conclusions from the e-mail scandalTVN24

Struggle for influence

The first e-mails from the private, poorly secured mailbox of Minister Dworczyk – leaked to the Internet in June 2021. In total, about 1,000 messages were sent to the network.

They concerned PR actions against government opponents, securing jobs for relatives and friends, but also state defense with confidential data.

Dworczyk eventually lost his post as head of the prime minister’s office, but still remains in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and still maintains political influence. – Dworczyk did not suffer any consequences. He actually runs the prime minister’s office. I have not seen any statements from the head of the office, Mr. Kuchciński – emphasizes Adam Szłapka from Nowoczesna.

Whether the investigation will start depends to a large extent – as the opposition argues – on the shape of the PiS list in the elections to the Sejm and the Senate.

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