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“Three pillars”, “seven metropolises” and “change of mind” regarding the CPK. Szymon Hołownia about 100-minute Poland

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Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia presented the “three pillars” of Poland's development, which his Poland 2050 group advocates. These are multicentricity, innovative economy and transport transformation. He also spoke on the construction of the Central Communication Port and admitted that he had “changed his mind” on this issue. – No more programs such as two percent safe credit – he added.

On Saturday, there was a speech by the Speaker of the Sejm, one of the leaders of the Third Way Szymon Hołownia titled “Can Poland be an economic power?”.

– We need an economic development strategy. To ensure Poles' safety. Because a strong army can only be created in an economically strong country. We need an economic vision to win Europe for Poles. In a few days we will elect the authorities of the European Union. It's time for us to vote, not as a wagon that attaches itself to someone else's train, but as a nation aware of its ambitions and its development goals, said Hołownia.

In his opinion, “the European Union, as an economic power, is clearly weakening in competition with China and the United States.” – Poles today also have new challenges, they also have new aspirations. We rightly believe that there is no reason why we should be worse than other European nations. Developmental change requires time and cross-party cooperation. Projects initiated by one government cannot, as the saying goes, be stopped by another government just because they have a different political color – continued the Speaker of the Sejm.

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Hołownia indicates “three pillars”, the first – “polycentric development of Poland”

Hołownia then presented “three pillars” which – as he argues – “will ensure Poland's development and lasting prosperity for Poles.”

– Firstly, Poland's polycentric or, if you prefer, multicentric development, because Poland's strength is its diversity. Unlike most European countries, we have seven metropolises, hundreds of regional centers and we want to develop them all – said Hołownia. He added that “polycentricity is a recipe for security and resistance to disasters and crises.” – To maintain such a development model, a wise investment by the state is needed. One of the absolutely key areas here is housing. Today, 80 percent of new apartments are being built in only 20 percent of municipalities. We have to change this, he continued.

– No more programs like the two percent safe loan, which enriched developers in metropolises and led to price increases throughout Poland. This also means opposition to zero percent credit. Poland 2050 will not support this idea. Instead, we will vote to support social housing construction. We must not reform Poland by folding Poland, he said.

Szymon HołowniaPAP/Albert Zawada

Second pillar – “building an innovative economy”

The second pillar – as Hołownia said – is “building an innovative economy”. – The Polish economic miracle is the result of the hard work of thousands of small companies. The next 10 years should be devoted to helping these companies become large companies, so that other Western enterprises will be their subcontractors. I don't have to talk about health insurance premiums. We will not rest until we radically reduce it for those for whom it has been unfairly increased, he emphasized.

He added that “however, it is also time to especially support Polish startups so that they do not flee the country after achieving success.”

“100-minute Poland”, i.e. the third pillar

The last pillar indicated during Hołownia's speech on Saturday was the completion of the “great transport transformation”. – Over 20 years, thousands of kilometers of highways have been built in Poland (…) And the railways? Time has stopped here, the politician noted. In his opinion, those in power should strive to implement the concept of “100-minute Poland”, i.e. one in which from every city in a given voivodeship it is possible to reach its capital by public transport in a maximum of 100 minutes.

Hołownia: I changed my mind about CPK

The Marshal of the Sejm also clearly supported the construction of the Central Communication Port. – I was very skeptical about the construction of the CPK due to the very high social costs of this project. I changed my mind because Poland is the last large EU country without a cargo and passenger air hub – and it seems that this project can be carried out without destroying people's lives,” he said, assessing that the hub should be built “by the end of this decade.”

– Today, Poland deserves not only historical settlements, not only polarization that is poisoning our lives, but a real development strategy. Preparing this strategy is now a task for our entire coalition. We will convince our coalition partners to do so – emphasized the Speaker of the Sejm on Saturday.

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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