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Thunderstorms in the mountains. What to do? The guide reminds you of the basic rules. Weather in the Tatras on Thursday, June 9

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Hail storms are possible in the Tatras on Thursday, as in most of the country. A Tatra mountain guide reminds you of the basic safety rules that should be remembered during summer mountain hiking, when violent events may threaten us. As he emphasizes, among other things, during a storm, it is particularly dangerous to stay on ridges and trails equipped with chains or clamps, as well as in the vicinity of watercourses and trees.

As Tomasz Zając advises the Tatra guide and Tatra National Park educator, “it is best to plan as early as possible, because storms they most often occur in the afternoon. ”

– It is important to observe what is happening in the sky as storms can only occur locally in the mountains. If you are already hit by a storm on the trail, you should go down and, if possible, wait out the storm in the shelter – he explains.

As Zając emphasizes, there are no safe places in the mountains during lightning, because although statistically most often lightning strikes the peaks and rocks or metal elements, the vicinity of watercourses are also dangerous. Trees are also exposed to lightning, and you should not hide under them.

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There is still snow in the higher elevations

In the higher parts Tatra Mountains there is still snow in many places, especially in the gullies on the northern side, where it is hard and frozen, especially in the morning hours and in shady places. In the afternoon, in sunny places, the snow becomes wet and slushy. Entering such terrain without appropriate equipment, such as crampons and ice axes, may cause you to slip and fall from a great height.

As it was written in the TPN communiqué, “you should be very vigilant, because with the melting snow, rocks melt, which are very dangerous when falling from steep slopes and gullies”.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued hail storm warnings for most of the country on Thursday. Second level alerts are in force in the Tatra Mountains area.

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