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Ticket for driving in the bus lane. City guards are to issue fines, help the police – bill in the Sejm

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The police will be supported by city guards. It is about making sure that drivers do not illegally use bus lanes. The guards will be able to use city monitoring to determine the offense – writes “Rzeczpospolita” on Wednesday. The draft law on this matter is in the Sejm.

The Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure has received a draft act amending the Road Traffic Act. The draft was referred to the first reading. The draft act is the reaction of the Committee on Petitions to the petition addressed to the Sejm by the Railway Business Forum (RBF), which the Committee considered justified, reads the justification attached to the draft.

It added that the purpose of the proposal is to make changes that will enable municipal (city) guards to “effectively counteract the growing phenomenon of unauthorized vehicles using the bus lane”.

The act is to enter into force 14 days after its publication.

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There should be more checks on bus lanes

“Rz” writes that “the reason for introducing such a solution is that unauthorized drivers too often abuse the lanes separated and intended for, among others, buses and other vehicles carrying people on regular lines for a fee.” “Sometimes they are also used by taxis, provided that they are allowed by the road administrator and marked with an appropriate sign. Local governments have long complained that they are unable to control compliance with the regulations on bus lanes. This has a negative impact on the city’s transport policy” – he notes. journal.

The newspaper reminds that today only the police can prosecute drivers who abuse bus lanes. “However, since there are too few traffic police officers, the probability of a driver being punished for unauthorized driving in a bus lane is low. And if so, the number of undisciplined people is growing” – writes “Rz”.

– Such support would certainly be useful to us – says Superintendent Robert Opas from the Road Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters in an interview with the daily.

The newspaper adds that unauthorized driving in the bus lane is punishable by a PLN 100 fine and one penalty point.

It is not yet known when the Infrastructure Committee will deal with the bill.

“Rzeczpospolita”, TVN24 Biznes

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