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TikTok banned for government employees in Canada

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The Chinese TikTok application will be removed from the official phones of employees of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Tuesday, and the possibility of using it will be blocked, The National Post reported, citing government correspondence.

This is a consequence of the decision of the office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada. It was recognized that TikTok’s data collection methods could lead to cyberattacks. According to The National Post, the official decision is expected to be presented on Tuesday and will come into effect on March 1.

Canadian government blocks TikTok

TikTok, answering questions from the Canadian media, did not deny this information. The newspaper quoted TikTok Canada spokeswoman Danielle Morgan as expressing disappointment and accusing the government of targeting “a platform loved by millions of Canadians.”

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At the end of 2022, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau reported that Canadian intelligence was analyzing the operation of TikTok.

Last Thursday, an investigation into TikTok’s data protection was launched, led jointly by the federal office of the privacy commissioner and three provincial governments in Alberta, Colombia British and Quebec. “The four privacy oversight agencies will verify that the organization’s activities comply with Canadian data protection legislation and that valid and informed consent is obtained for the collection, use and transfer of private information,” the joint statement said.

The EC blocks TikTok

Also on Thursday European Commission informed that due to the need to strengthen cyber security EC employees will not be able to use TikTok from mid-March on business phones.

In January this year The government’s cybersecurity center, of which Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is a part, said it was preparing recommendations on TikTok and warned users not to allow installed apps to access private data. Earlier in USA federal employees were banned from using the app on national security grounds.

The owner of the application is the Chinese company ByteDance, and there is growing concern that Chinese companies are required by law to share their data with the government in Beijing. The second reason is the scope of user data collected by the Chinese application.

Experts from the Dutch VPNOverview.com have investigated the range of data accessed by popular apps to modify facial photos. It turned out that many of these applications – including TikTok – download data that is not needed to transform photos. For example, these are the contacts of the phone owner, information about payment cards or information about the name and surname. The data is broken down into eight categories, and TikTok is the app that pulls data from all eight categories and stores it indefinitely.

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