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TikTok. Music from famous Universal artists is disappearing

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Songs by world artists are disappearing from TikTok – reports “The New York Times” and other media. This is the result of the expiration of the contract between Universal Music Group and the popular social media platform.

Record label Universal Music Group began pulling songs from famous artists from TikTok on Thursday. Thus began a process that the industry portal Rolling Stone announced as “musical Armageddon” and the “nuclear option”. On social media, users report that songs including: Taylor Swift. What does it mean? You won’t be able to add many popular songs to TikTok videos – Universal is one of the leading music labels in the world. He owns the rights to the music of such stars as: Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Billie EilishThe Weeknd, Drake, Harry Styles, Adele, as well as Elton John, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

According to Forbes, videos that previously featured music from the label’s artists will be muted. So they will remain on users’ profiles, but without sound. Meanwhile, some of the label’s songs have become trends on TikTok and have been used in a huge number of videos. For example, Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” has been used as background music in over 2.5 million videos, and The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” has been used as background music in over 1.8 million recordings, according to Forbes.

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No agreement between Universal and TikTok

On Tuesday, Universal released a statement saying that its music licensing agreement with TikTok expires on January 31. It was reported that one of the main topics of discussion regarding the renewal of the contract was “appropriate remuneration” for artists working with the label, which should be paid by TikTok. According to Universal, the platform has proposed paying only a “fraction” of the rate paid by other similarly sized social media platforms. TikTok was accused of trying to build a music-based business without paying a fair price for it. To illustrate how TikTok rewards artists, it says its payments are 1%. Universal’s total revenues, despite TikTok’s massive user growth and rising advertising profits.

In a response, TikTok said it was “sad and disappointing” that Universal was “putting its own greed above the interests of its artists” and said the company was using “false narratives and rhetoric.” “The fact is that they have chosen to move away from powerfully supporting a platform with over a billion users that serves as a free means of promoting and discovering their talents.” TikTok emphasized that it had managed to strike deals with every other label.

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