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Time change. Double Time Shift Entrepreneurs – BCC

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Over 88 percent of entrepreneurs believe that changing the time twice each year is unjustified – according to a survey conducted among member companies of the Business Center Club (BCC). Almost 83 percent of entrepreneurs positively assessed the idea of ​​eliminating the time shift.

Change to daylight saving time takes place on the last weekend of March. On the other hand, turning back the clocks and returning to winter time takes place on the last weekend of October.

The survey conducted among BCC member companies shows that 88.12 percent. entrepreneurs believe that changing the time twice each year is unjustified. The existing regulations are supported by 11.88 percent. respondents.

BCC is an organization associating individual employers. It has existed since 1991. According to the information available on her website, club members employ over 400,000 people. employees, the revenues of companies exceed PLN 200 billion, and the headquarters are located in nearly 250 cities.


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Time change. Research

In their descriptive responses, representatives of individual industries pointed to the difficulties caused by a double change of time each year. “For example, the logistics industry pointed to the prolonged loading time and unnecessary pauses during the drivers’ work. Industries working continuously indicate that changing the time causes problems both in the control of devices, the hours of reports and the transition of employee shifts” – we read in the release.

Moreover, as indicated by the entrepreneurs, in a three-shift work cycle, one of the shifts is one hour shorter and the other one hour longer, which is related to the difficult calculation of remuneration for work. In turn, the construction industry reported that the change of time causes greater consumption of electricity, and work in this industry is difficult due to the earlier dusk.

For 66 percent of the respondents, changing the time twice a year is neutral in terms of difficulties in their own company. In turn, for 34 percent. this is a noticeable problem. Entrepreneurs raised problems related to lower efficiency caused by the change of time. “It is noticeable that employees need several days to switch to the new circadian rhythm. During the time change period, numerous delays are noticeable, which disrupts the established daily rhythm” – we read.

For 87 percent of respondents, the change of time does not bring savings in the form of lower electricity consumption.

According to the BCC, “changing the time twice each year has neither social nor economic justification”. “Maintaining the change of time is an anachronism and contributes to many negative health and economic effects. Changing the time leads to a disturbance of the biological clock, the rhythm of which is fundamental to the health of every human being and adversely affects the well-being” – emphasized.

Time shift cancellation

Almost 83 percent entrepreneurs who took part in the BCC survey positively assessed the idea of ​​abolishing the time change mechanism, and only 17 percent. thinks otherwise.

In Poland, the change of time is regulated by the regulation of the Prime Minister. On October 24, 2021, the Ministry of Development and Technology announced that a new regulation is being processed on the introduction of a common start and end date for the application of summer time – to which all member states are obliged. However, the ministry emphasized in the announcement that it had nothing to do with work on abolishing the changes of time. For the next five years, unless the European Commission returns to work on abandoning the clock changes, winter and summer time will apply. Work on ending time changes has been suspended at European level before the pandemic.

The discussion on the legitimacy of changing the clock in the European Union has been going on for several years. A public consultation conducted by the European Commission among Europeans in 2018 showed that 84 percent. respondents were in favor of abolishing time changes. 4.6 million responses were collected (the highest number in history).

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