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Time of Decision. Campaign. PiS appointed members of the “lex Tusk” commission. Edwin Bendyk comments

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With the votes of Law and Justice MPs, nine members of the commission to investigate Russian influence, called the “lex Tusk” commission, were appointed on Wednesday. – The emotions of Polish women and men are completely different, the topic of interest is different and it is impossible to divert attention from what hurts even the electorate of Law and Justice the most – said Edwin Bendyk, president of the Stefan Batory Foundation, in the program “Czas Decyzji. Campaign”. He added that “this type of smokescreen will no longer work.”

The program “Time of Decision. Campaign” is a new TVN24 program that is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5.30 p.m.

The topics of Thursday’s edition included those announced by Jarosław Kaczyński “number one” on the Law and Justice listscelebrations 43rd anniversary of the signing of the August Agreementswhich took place in front of gate number 2 of the Gdańsk Shipyard, and new findings of the Civic Coalition MPs Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba, who presented them after the parliamentary inspection at a conference titled “Liquidation of the airport – new arrangements regarding Chopin Airport”.

Edwin Bendyk was a guest of the “Time Decyzji. Campaign” programTVN24

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Bendyk: the emotions of Polish women and men are completely different

The guest of the “Time of Decisions. Campaign” program was the president of the Foundation. Stefan Batory Edwin Bendyk, who was asked, among other things, about the appointment on Wednesday by the parliamentary majority nine members of the commission investigating Russian influence nominated by PiS, called the “lex Tusk” commission. – From what could be heard in the comments, it was at the express request of the president – said Bendyk. He added that “there is certainly no chance of preparing any position, report, anything in such a short time.”

– I doubt that she will even become more active, because, first of all, the emotions of Polish women and men are completely different, the topic of interest is different and it is impossible to divert attention from what hurts the most, even the electorate of Law and Justice – he noted.

– This type of smokescreen won’t work anymore. There is simply too much dissatisfaction, even among the PiS electorate, he added.

Edwin Bendyk was also asked about referendum to be held during the parliamentary elections. – It is known that this referendum is not intended to provide answers to the questions that have been formulated. His main political goal is to mobilize the PiS electorate, he said.

He assessed that “all the confusion, the illegibility of this referendum when it comes to the way the commissions were combined, the act of voting in… elections voting in the referendum may in turn demobilize all those who may decide that the cost of going to the ballot box and risking, for example, being revealed that they do not want to vote in the referendum is too high.

Polling average for the last 30 days

The “Decision Time. Campaign” program also presents the average z polls support for political parties in the last 30 days.

It indicates that United Right can count on 35 percent support. The Civic Coalition is in second place with 29.9 percent. He can count on 10.2 percent support Confederation.

There would be two more parties in the Sejm – Third Road with the support of 9.2 percent and the Left with 8.1 percent. 6.5 percent of respondents – according to the survey average – are undecided.

“Time of Decision. Campaign” – average poll from the last 30 days

Main photo source: TVN24

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