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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Tina Turner has sold the rights to her music and image

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Tina Turner has sold the rights to her music to BMG. The amount of the transaction is a secret, but as the BBC writes – citing sources in the music industry – “the queen of rock’n’roll” could receive up to 50 million dollars. The company also acquired the image rights to an 81-year-old pop music legend.

Tina Turner – one of the most famous singers of all time – has sold the rights to her music to one of the biggest music labels in the world – BMG. The company does not provide information regarding the details of the contract with Turner. The BBC, citing sources in the music industry, informs that the author of the hits “The Best” or “Private Dancer” could go up to 50 million dollars.

Under the agreement, BMG also acquired the rights to the name, image and derivatives that could be used in future sponsorship contracts as well as in the sale of promotional items. Thus, it seems that the 81-year-old queen of rock’n’roll handed over the rights to dozens of hits that she recorded during her over 60-year career. The deal does not affect Turner’s contract with Warner Music, who remains the distributor of their music.

Tina Turner is no longer an American since 2013PHOTOSHOT / PAP


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“The musical path of Tina Turner has inspired hundreds of millions of people in different parts of the world and continues to reach new audiences,” wrote the head of BMG Hartwig Masuch in a statement. “We are honored to be able to manage Tina Turner’s musical and commercial interests,” he added. He pointed out that the label will focus primarily on reaching new generations of listeners with Turner’s music, introducing its repertoire to online music platforms and social networks where music plays an important role, such as Tik Tok.

Tina Turner on the contract with BMG

“Securing my life achievements, my musical heritage, is something personal for me, as for any artist” – wrote the Swiss artist of American origin (in 2013, she renounced her American citizenship and became Swiss). “I am sure that thanks to BMG and Warner Music, my work is in the hands of professionals,” she added.

It is true that Turner announced her retirement in 2009, but the interest in her work has recently increased. Mainly thanks to the HBO documentary “Tina” and the musical based on her biography which was shown in the West End, London.

The BBC reminds that Turner is another big pop star who has decided to cash in on her legacy. That’s what Shakira, Stevie Nicks and the Blondie band have already done. In 2020, Bob Dylan received approximately $ 400 million for the rights to all of his songs.

Main photo source: PHOTOSHOT / PAP

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