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Titan crash, debris returned to shore. First photos of fragments found on the bottom of the Atlantic

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On Wednesday, the first photos of the wreckage of the Titan submarine that crashed were published. The crushed parts of the vessel as a result of the implosion were unloaded ashore in a Canadian port. An investigation into the causes of the tragedy is underway.

After a four-day search operation, the Coast Guard announced on June 22 that it had found the remains of the submarine Titan near the wreck of the Titanic. She was found to have succumbed “catastrophic implosion”, as a result of which it was completely destroyedand the five people on board were killed.

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This is what Titan looked like before the disasterReuters/OCEAN GATE

Titan’s remains have returned to shore

Wednesday at St John’s Port Canada Titan’s wreckage was unloaded from the ship Horizon Arctic, which was found in the depths of the Atlantic. The published photos show the metal parts of the destroyed vessel covered with tarpaulins. The remains of the Titan were then packed onto trucks using a crane.

So far, five of Titan’s main components have been found, which were located on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near the wreck of the Titanic.

Titan’s remains Paul Daly/CP/ABACAPRESS.COM/PAP

The Titan’s design featured two titanium end caps and a carbon fiber cylinder sandwiched between them. He adds that the ship’s remains, which were transported ashore, included both end caps and a porthole – a watertight window placed on the ship – as well as landing legs and an equipment bay.

The US Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the crash to determine what caused the ship to implode. The agency will then issue recommendations to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Main photo source: Paul Daly/CP/ABACAPRESS.COM/PAP

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