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Titan disaster. Suleman Dawood was “terrified” by the vision of the expedition. He took part in it because of his father

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Suleman Dawood did not want to take part in OceanGate’s underwater expedition to the wreck of the Titanic, the 19-year-old’s aunt, Azmeh Dawood, told NBC News. According to her account, the teenager was “terrified” of the trip, but went on it because of his father Shahzada Dawood. Both were killed by the Titan’s implosion.

Speaking to the American portal, Dawood said that her nephew Suleman, a few days before the planned expedition, shared with his loved ones his fears about the Titan trip. He was then to say that he “doesn’t feel like it” and is “terrified” by the vision of an expedition on board a submarine. Finally, 19-year-old Suleman decided to leave. According to Dawood, he did it because of his father. Shahzada Dawooda was fascinated by the history and wreck of the Titanic. In addition, last weekend, when the Titan expedition began, it was Father’s Day in Great Britain, where the Dawoods lived.

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Suleman Dawood did not want to join the Titan expedition

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According to her older sister, Shahzada Dawood was “absolutely obsessed” with the Titanic from an early age. While still in their childhood, the siblings often watched together “A night to remember” (in Polish called “SOS Titanic” – ed.) – a drama from 1958, telling the story of the catastrophe of the most famous liner.

Shahzada Dawood with her son SulemanDAWOOD HERCULES CORPORATION/AFP/EastNews

The businessman was also said to willingly visit various exhibitions where exhibits recovered from the wreck were presented. According to Azmeh’s account for NBC News, on the day he met her husband Shahzad, he was supposed to offer him a joint screening of a four-hour documentary about the Titanic. The news that her brother had purchased tickets for an expedition near the wreck was therefore no surprise to her. However, the woman admitted that she would not dare to take a similar step herself and “would not enter Titan, not even for a million dollars.”

Both Suleman and Shahzada Dawood died as a result Titan submarine implosion.

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Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman victims of the Titan

Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman they came from one of Pakistan’s richest families. The 48-year-old was the vice-president of Engro Corporation from Pakistan’s Karachi, a giant in the fertilizer industry, which also deals, among others, in the production of fertilizers. vehicle production and digital technologies. He collaborated with the family Dawood Foundation. Suleman, 19, was a first-year student at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, according to The Guardian. In a family statement, he was described as “a big fan of science fiction and learning new things.” He was also interested in solving the Rubik’s cube and playing volleyball.

Christine Dawood, Suleman’s mother and Shahzad’s wife, said she and her husband had taken a flight in the past that made them both “think about their lives”. Due to bad weather conditions on board the plane they were traveling in, strong turbulence was felt and the machine was “shaking from left to right”. “My husband later told me that he was thinking about all the things he missed in his life and how much he still wanted to teach our children,” she wrote on her personal blog, which was reached by People.

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