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Titan. Submarine disaster. Expert: The passengers died immediately after the implosion

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The Titan, a submarine that has been searched for in the Atlantic for several days, has imploded, the US Coast Guard said on Thursday. Five people died, all on board. Dale Mole, a former US Navy doctor, was quoted by Sky News on Friday as saying the men probably died immediately after the implosion, adding that it was “the best possible scenario” in their situation.

On Thursday, the US Coast Guard reported that the wreck of the Titanic was near Titan submarine remains found, the search for which was carried out in the Atlantic for several days. OceanGate, the ship’s owner, later reported that all five people on board were killed.

Commander of the 1st Coast Guard District USA (USCG) Rear Admiral John Mauger later reported that “debris indicates a catastrophic loss of the pressure hull … a catastrophic implosion.”

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Titan submarine

Expert: Passengers died instantly

Dale Mole, a former US Navy doctor, was quoted by Sky News on Friday as saying that those on board were probably killed instantly by the implosion.

He added that passengers may not even have been aware of the problem, and being stuck inside the ship for hours would have been a much worse alternative for them. “One can only imagine what it would be like – it’s cold, oxygen is running out. This (what happened – ed.) is the best possible scenario in this situation” – he said.

Titan submarine destroyed by implosion. Report by Jan Pachlowski TVN24, Reuters

Who was on board the Titan?

OceanGate Executive Director Stockton Rush, one of the richest Pakistanis Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman, British billionaire and explorer Hamish Harding and French diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet died in the Titan disaster.

OceanGate has been offering tourists and travelers voyages to the Titanic wreck aboard the Titan since 2021. The boat lost contact with the Canadian ship Polar Prince on June 18, 105 minutes after it started descending to the bottom to a depth of 4 km.


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