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“Today this cup will become a symbol of the fall of the PiS state”

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The Krzysztof Porcelain Factory in Wałbrzych closes its operations due to drastic increases in gas prices. Opposition politicians and local government officials gathered in front of the plant on Saturday morning. They blame the government of Law and Justice for the collapse of the factory and demand an answer as to why this and other companies are left without help by the state.

Existing for almost 200 years and known all over the world the Porcelana Krzysztof factory closes its operations. The company has decided to make collective redundancies. The reason is the situation on the gas market.

As Agnieszka Palus, the managing director of the factory, explains, in 2022 prices increased by 900 percent. – There are also no positive prospects for price stabilization in 2023, and it is not possible to conclude an agreement for continuous supplies of gas, which is the basic raw material for production – he adds.

Porcelana Krzysztof, in connection with the economic effects of the energy crisis, decided to suspend the production of tableware porcelain and to make group redundancies. The need to limit operations is directly caused by the situation on the gas market – a drastic (900%) increase in prices in 2022, no positive prospects for price stabilization in 2023 and the inability to conclude a contract for continuous supplies of gas, which is the basic raw material for production.

Krzysztof porcelain factory in Wałbrzychtvn24

Opposition politicians in front of Krzysztof

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On Saturday, opposition parliamentarians and local government officials gathered in front of the plant. They wanted to express their disapproval of the government’s policy, which, in their opinion, led to the collapse of the company.

– This plant has survived nearly 200 years, survived the world wars, the communist system, and today, with excellent export results, it is falling apart – he said PO MP and vice-chairman of that party Tomasz Siemoniak.

The deputy chairman of the PO pointed to two reasons for the liquidation of the Wałbrzych plants. – The first is the lack of cover during the pandemic for the household ceramics industry, but a much worse matter is the direct cause of plant closure and job losses – gas and electricity prices. These prices practically eliminated the profitability of production – said Siemoniak, emphasizing that Porcelana Krzysztof is a company that belongs to Polish owners. – It deserves help from the government or companies related to the State Treasury – said the PO MP.

The legendary Polish factory closes its operations after almost 200 yearswww.porcelana-kristoff.pl

Civic Platform Senator Agnieszka Kołacz-Leszczyńska emphasized that the government PIS He didn’t even care about Krzysztof’s situation. The management of the plant was to send many letters to the government asking for help. – They have not received a single reply to their letters. The rulers did not even bend over the calls for help with the raging inflation said the senator.

Kołacz-Leszczyńska brought a cup to the conference, which was made in the Wałbrzych factory. – This cup will today become a symbol of the fall of the PiS state, so tangible here in Wałbrzych, but also throughout Poland – she noted.

– Wałbrzych’s heart bleeds, the heart breaks. This is a factory where families, entire generations, have worked. He was a symbol of Wałbrzych. Today, 140 people work here, mainly women, and they are to stop producing, because the government is inefficient, because it did not cover household ceramics with the shield – said Izabela Katarzyna Mrzygłocka, PO MP.

Politicians announced that they would send an official letter to the prime minister regarding the collapse of the factory.

Porcelain liquidation

– We are in the process of liquidation, not bankruptcy – Agnieszka Palus, managing director of the Krzysztof porcelain factory, said on Friday in an interview with TVN24 Biznes.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” informed about the fact that group layoffs are beginning in the company. Agnieszka Palus confirmed this information and explained that “due to the economic effects of the energy crisis, the company decided to stop the production of tableware porcelain and lay off about 70 people”.

Porcelana Krzysztof has a very long tradition in the production of porcelain tableware. The company was founded in 1831 by Carl Krister, but the history of the production plants is a bit longer and dates back to 1820. – The factory has been operating for nearly 200 years and is the last operating porcelain factory in Wałbrzych, one of three in Poland. She employed many generations associated with the region. Our products went to virtually all corners of the world, both with our signature, as well as with well-known private-brands. This is the heritage of the region and the ceramics industry – recalled Palus.

It is the oldest factory producing porcelain within the current administrative borders of Poland, which started its production in 1831. Since then, it has been continuously producing this most valued type of ceramics. First as Krister Porzellan Manufaktur, then as Porcelana Krzysztof under the Wawel brand and currently as Kristoff.

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Famous all over the world

We also asked if Porcelana Krzysztof received support from the government, local government, gas companies and other entities that had an impact to help the company in a difficult situation. – The Mayor of Wałbrzych became interested in our situation and tried to help – Agnieszka Palus replied.

Porcelain from the Wałbrzych factory conquered the world. She was on the table of the king of Sweden, also went to the Obamas. In 2012, the White House Chancellery ordered 54 pieces of a dinner set and 39 pieces of a coffee set, all of the highest quality porcelain, hand-decorated with pure gold.

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