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Today’s weather – Friday, November 17. Unfavorable biomete and varied rainfall

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Today’s weather. Friday, November 17 will bring variable rainfall. Thermometers will show temperatures ranging from 1 to 7 degrees Celsius. The weather will adversely affect our well-being.

Friday will be cloudy. In the west of the country, light rainfall with a total of 2-5 liters of water per square meter is forecast. Continuous rain will occur in the east and in the center, with 5-10 l/sq m falling there. In the evening, precipitation will change to sleet and at night to snow. The maximum temperature will range from 1-2 degrees Celsius in the Suwałki region to 6-7 degrees C in Podkarpacie. There will be light and moderate, variable winds. In the west, north-westerly, which will turn out to be moderate, with quite strong gusts, while in the center it will be weak and variable, in the east, moderate, south-easterly.

Weather forecast for Friday tvnmeteo.pl

Biometeorological conditions – Friday, November 17

Air humidity during the day will range from 70 to 95 percent. We will feel cold everywhere and the biometeorological conditions will be unfavorable.

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Biometeo conditions on Friday

Biometeo conditions on Fridaytvnmeteo.pl

Today’s weather – Warsaw

In front of the residents Warsaw cloudy Friday with rain. In the evening it rains and snows. The maximum temperature will be 3-4 degrees C. Moderate wind, blowing from the north. Barometers will indicate 1000 hPa at noon.

Today’s weather – Tricity

Friday in GdańskGdynia and Sopot It will be cloudy with light and intermittent rainfall. Thermometers will show a maximum of 3-4 degrees C. The wind will be weak and moderate, south-eastern. The pressure will reach 1014 hPa at noon.

Today’s weather – Poznań

Friday in Poznań It’s going to be cloudy with light, passing rain. Thermometers will show a maximum of 4-5 degrees Celsius. There will be a weak and moderate west wind. Barometers will indicate 1003 hPa at noon.

Today’s weather – Wrocław

Residents Wrocław A cloudy Friday awaits, with light, light rain showers occurring in the second part of the day. The maximum temperature will reach 4-5 degrees C. The wind will be moderate, with quite strong gusts, north-west. The barometer will show 998 hPa at noon.

Today’s weather – Krakow

Friday in Krakow will bring cloudy weather with light and moderate rainfall. Thermometers will indicate a maximum of 6-7 degrees C. The wind will be weak and moderate, north-west. The pressure will reach 987 hPa at noon.

Road conditions on Friday

Road conditions on Fridaytvnmeteo.pl

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