TOK FM. The chairman of the National Broadcasting Council imposes a fine on the radio. Tadeusz Kowalski comments


The Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, Maciej Świrski, imposed a fine of PLN 88,000 on TOK FM. – This is another expression of the chairman’s bias, looking for content that is considered hate speech where he wants to find it – said UW professor Tadeusz Kowalski, member of the National Broadcasting Council, in an interview with

The justification for the decision listed five programs in which “in particular, there were statements that met the premises of the progressive brutalization of the language of public debate, aimed at blurring the line between engaged journalism and hate speech.” Two of the programs mentioned are repeat programs. The remaining programs are “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: January 24, 2023, at 5:53:48–5:56:36); Press review as part of the broadcast “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: February 1, 2023, at 5:53:24–5:55:12) and an interview with Dr. Mirosław Oczkoś as part of the program entitled “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: February 17, 2023, at 6:43:36–6:59:23).

“The above-mentioned broadcasts included statements that insulted, degraded and violated the dignity of the most important people in the state, including the President of the Republic of Poland. There were also statements that ridiculed and ridiculed certain people and social groups, which could result in reluctance or hostility. Terms that bore the hallmarks of hate speech were also used, including through the use of the so-called zoo-invectives,” explained the announcement by Chairman Maciej Świrski. It was added that, according to the National Broadcasting Council, the mentioned programs violate journalistic principles such as “reliability and professional diligence”.

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The Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council decided to impose a fine of PLN 88,000 on the broadcaster pursuant to Art. 53 section 1 of the Broadcasting Act.

Member of the National Broadcasting Council: this is another expression of the chairman’s bias

In an interview with, Anna Marucha, director of corporate communications of Agora, co-owner of Inforadia, said that “we definitely disagree with the assessment made by the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council.” – We are analyzing the case from the legal point of view. We intend to take appropriate steps and file an appeal so that an independent court decides on the validity of the fine imposed on TOK FM, she added.


Professor Tadeusz Kowalski, a member of the National Broadcasting Council, also commented on the case for – Imposing a penalty is solely a decision of the chairman, which he did not consult at the meeting with the other members of the National Council, although I remember that the monitoring report was presented to us. He considers himself a one-man court, he said. – This is another expression of the chairman’s bias, looking for content that is considered hate speech where he wants to find it. He never saw them in the public media, but he always tried to find them in private media, especially those that had a different point of view from the previous government – commented Kowalski.

As he added, “Piotr Maślak’s conversation with Mirosław Oczkoś had a joking tone, from what I remember.” – While the chairman shows astonishing tolerance towards the so-called joking statements of Jan P. – whom I purposely call him that – he has a complete lack of any tolerance towards other people. It all depends on where these words are said, he said.

Another penalty for TOK FM

This is not the first punishment for TOK FM. At the end of April last year, the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council imposed a fine of PLN 80,000 on the radio. As stated in the press release, it was about broadcasting a program “promoting activities contrary to the law, views and attitudes contrary to morality and social good, and containing content inciting hatred and discriminatory content.”

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The case concerned statements regarding the book “History and Present” by Professor Wojciech Roszkowski. In the broadcast from June 7, 2022, radio journalist Piotr Maślak, talking to the guest, a teacher of history and social studies, talked about the textbook as follows: – It reads like a textbook, sorry for the comparison, a bit for the Hitlerjugend, at times, not everywhere, but sometimes.

This statement was preceded by specific quotes from the book. The radio reported that the fragment of Maślak’s statement quoted in the media was an attempt to clarify the guest’s statement about the intentions that the authors of the book might have had.

TOK FM appealed against the decision of the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) to the court. “Presserwis” learned that the hearing date in this case was set for April 19.

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