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Toll sections of motorways and expressways – the government plans to expand the toll collection system

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In 2022, the toll collection system for trucks is to be extended to include expressways that have been created in recent years, reported “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. He also explained that, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the system for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons and buses is to cover all motorways and expressways.

These are routes that have been put into use since the last extension of the toll road list, i.e. from September 2017. Since then, the length of routes subject to tolls for heavy vehicles has stopped at 3.66 thousand kilometers. km, of which approx. 2.5 thous. km are motorways and expressways, and over 1.1 thous. km are national roads – usually running along collision-free routes. In addition, we have over 450 km of tolled, concession sections of motorways.


Toll system on expressways and highways

The newspaper points out that over the four years there has been a significant increase in the number of expressways in particular. “As a result, about 1.4 thousand km of marked routes and highways are still free. And they are to be tolled next year. These are, for example, long sections of the S8 road between Warsaw and Białystok, most sections of the S17 from the capital to Lublin, new sections of the S7 in Pomerania or Mazovia, long sections of the S3 in the west of the country or the S5 from Poznań to Bydgoszcz “- it was calculated.

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“According to MI, the list of toll roads will also be gradually extended with the opening of new sections of expressways. This promise was also included in the latest version of the National Reconstruction Plan. Such provisions have been fought for by industry organizations that have been trying to increase competition for railways for years” – underlines “DGP”.

The daily adds that the government does not intend to introduce charges for passenger cars on subsequent fragments in the near future.

Toll sections of motorways in PolandTVN Turbo

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