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Tom Hanks’ niece has dropped out of the reality show. Carly Reeves responded by screaming and crying

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Carly Reeves, niece of Tom Hanks, dropped out of the popular reality show in the first episode of the second season. The 39-year-old did not take it well. Upon hearing the news that she had been eliminated, she began to cry. – I haven’t even had a chance to complete any challenge. I did not deserve this! the Oscar winner’s cousin complained.

On Monday, the second season of “Claim to Fame” premiered on ABC, the popular show hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas. The idea is that celebrity relatives have to hide their identities, meaning that they come from celebrity families. In subsequent episodes, they are given new challenges, and the one who can hide their showbiz connections for the longest time will win $100,000.

Carly Reeves, niece of Tom HanksAmanda Edwards/Getty Images

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Tom Hanks’ niece has dropped out of the reality show

However, Tom Hanks’ niece did not enjoy her presence in the program for too long. Already at the end of the first episode of the new series, her identity was correctly identified by another participant, Hugo. He also indicated who she is related to.

Carly Reeves reacted to the news that she was leaving the show by crying and screaming, which was recorded by cameras. She criticized the depiction of a bench in the earlier part of the episode as an obvious allusion to the movie “Forrest Gump”, in which Hanks starred. – There is no reference to benches in another movie! she exclaimed. – I haven’t even had a chance to complete any challenge! I don’t deserve this, I should have had more time in front of the camera, I should have been on the air longer – she lamented. A clip of the program showing the woman’s behavior circulated on social media.

On Tuesday, Reeves addressed her behavior on Instagram. “So I broke down, say what you want. I’m not spoiled, privileged or crazy. Let’s just say I can be a little expressive and assertive,” she wrote. “My uncle is amazing and has known my tantrums since I was a child (…). I know it didn’t look good, but I really wanted to play with the rest of the cast. I hope I made you laugh at least,” she added.

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Main photo source: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

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