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Tomasz Knapik is dead. Artists, politicians and journalists bid farewell to the excellent teacher. “This voice cannot be forgotten”

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Tomasz Knapik, a well-known Polish lecturer, died on Monday, September 6. Artists, politicians and journalists bid him farewell on social media. “The world of film has become very poor today”, “his voice continues”, “Mr. Tomasz, thank you for everything!” – they write on the internet.

Tomasz Knapik passed away at the age of 77. His son Maciej Knapik informed about the death of the well-known Polish lector, reporter of “Fakty” TVN. “He was the Voice in our homes, scientist and lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology. Beloved Father and Grandfather” – wrote the journalist on Facebook. As we read, Tomasz Knapik had been struggling with a serious illness for over two months, he died in his sleep in the morning.

Tomasz Knapik says goodbye to rappers and politicians

Actors, artists, politicians and journalists say goodbye to the lector on social media. Special graphics were created by Matylda Damięcka. In the first one we can see Knapik’s face and the legendary words that probably everyone has heard many times: “He read: Tomasz Knapik”. In the second graphic, Damięcka also commemorated Jean-Paul Belmondo, a French actor who he died on the same day.

The rappers Peja and Mikser also said goodbye. “Your voice has been with me since I can remember,” wrote Mikser. “The world of film has become very poor today,” commented Peja, sharing photos of Knapik and Jean-Paul Belmondo. The meeting with the teacher is mentioned on Instagram by Ewa Drzyzga. Politicians say goodbye to him. “Mr. Tomasz, thank you for everything!”, Wrote the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, recalling that Knapik’s voice can be heard, among others. in public transport.

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Recognizable voice, also known from the TVN24 antenna

Tomasz Knapik was a film and radio teacher. His voice could also be heard in advertisements, and since 2008 in Warsaw’s public transport. He was a reader of such films as “Twelve Angry Men”, the first trilogy of “Star Wars”, “Naked Instinct” or “Terminator”. Knapik was also a dubbing actor, incl. in the films “The Last Loner” and “Jeż Jerzy”. His voice is the penguin Skipper in the Polish dubbed version of the series “Penguins from Madagascar”.

In 2015-2020, we heard Knapik’s voice in the “Polska Kronika Faktowa” segment, which was part of the TVN24 program “Absolute Memory”. From March 2021, Tomasz Knapik read “Przegląd Short Form” in the program “Our 20th anniversary”. He also took part in music projects. You could hear him on Donatan’s album “Równonoc” or in Mata’s piece “Patorekreacja”.

Doctor engineer Tomasz Knapik was an electrical engineer by education. He lectured at the Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology.

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Main photo source: Albert Zawada / Agencja Gazeta

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