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Tomasz Komenda is dead. Actor Piotr Trojan remembers the deceased

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Sensitive, delicate, with a great sense of humor… – He was such an emotional bomb, with everything boiling over him – says Piotr Trojan, remembering the late Tomasz Komenda in an interview with TVN24. The actor also talked about his first meeting with Komenda and working on the set of the film “25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda”.

Piotr Trojan played Tomasz Komenda in the 2020 film directed by Jan Holoubek. In an interview with TVN24, he admitted that it was the most difficult role in his life. – I felt that I had been entrusted with a very important task because I knew that Tomek was there, that he would see it and that I had to tell everyone about it – he explained. – I remember the screening of the film we made. Such a special one, for Tomek’s family and which was not an easy show. I remember that one of the sentences from Tomek was that he wants people to see that this is his story – recalled the actor, answering Michalina Leńska’s questions.

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Piotr Trojan about his first meeting with Tomasz Komenda

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Speaking about his first meeting with the Command, Piotr Trojan admitted that the atmosphere was “very moving”. – I have a photo, our first, of us sitting together and Tomek asked if I would play him, and I promised him that I would do it to the best of my ability, that I would do my best – said the actor.

Tomasz Komenda and Piotr TrojanVIPHOTO/EastNews

He described Komenda himself as “a terribly sensitive, delicate man.” – He was such an emotional bomb, with everything boiling over him. Moreover, Tomek also had a great sense of humor. He came to the set with his brothers, always gave us great energy, and watched the scenes, Trojan recalled.

He played Tomasz Komenda. “I didn’t want to enter this darkness”

– I think we have no idea what was happening there (in prison – ed.) and what Tomek was going through. I saw some things in his eyes, I felt some things intuitively (…) You could see suffering in his eyes. I never talked to Tomek about the terrible things that happened in prison. We only talked about what’s happening now or more positive things, because I never wanted to enter this darkness – admitted the actor.

Tomasz KomendaPAP/Paweł Supernak

Speaking about the death of Tomasz Komenda, Trojan mentioned his family. – I met Mrs. Teresa (mother – ed.) and brothers and they are wonderful people. They supported him very much and I can’t imagine their pain now, he said. – I’m terribly sorry that this story ended like this. I feel that Tomek wanted peace. The media never gave up on Tomek, commented on him and never left him alone. He really wanted to get away from it. I hope he is at peace now, he added.

– He told me that he dreams of leaving, to escape to Croatia, to live (there – ed.). I must admit that I was convinced that this story would have a completely different ending – admitted Trojan.

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Tomasz Komenda is dead

Tomasz Komenda died on Wednesday at the age of 46 after a long fight with cancer. His brother Gerard Komenda reported that the funeral ceremony will take place on February 26 at. 12:00 in the chapel at the cemetery at ul. Kiełczowska in Wrocław.

In 2004, Komenda was wrongly sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. In mid-March 2018, he was released from prison on conditional terms and was released after 18 years. May 16, 2018 Supreme Court acquitted him.

The film “25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda” produced by TVN was hailed as the best directorial debut at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia and at the EnergeaCamerimage International Film Festival. He also won a special award in the debut competition at the Tallinn Film Festival and several awards at the Polish Film Awards Festival Orły 2021.

“25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda” – Jan Holoubek’s directorial debutRobert Pałka

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