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Tomasz Kozłowski jumps from a height of 45 kilometers for war and climate refugees

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Tomasz Kozłowski is preparing for a record-breaking parachute jump from a height of 45 kilometers. When falling, it will break the sound barrier. It’s not just an extraordinary feat. Kozłowski wants to raise money to help war and climate refugees.

Tomasz Kozłowski, a mountain rescuer, parachute jumper, psychologist and initiator of the “Jump for the planet” action, wants to jump from a height of 45 kilometers for charity. – This is, of course, a record, but my point is not to break the record, but to draw the attention of people around the world to the plight of war and climate refugees – he explains.

So it’s going to be a global leap. – I’m supported by Richard Branson, I was in the Caribbean on his island and there I also met people from the space industry, so that led to further steps. I was at the house of the man who created Star Trek and thus I have access to people from Hollywood. There are a lot of people who are involved in it, reveals Kozłowski.

The planet, affected by cataclysms, is becoming less and less friendly to people. This is supposed to be a rescue jump to open the parachute and eyes. It will also overshadow all previous feats. “If I’m afraid of something, it means that the best things in the world are on the other side and that’s where you have to go,” he says.

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– I think that such a dominant feeling will be a feeling of relief, because he must be aware that this is not a piece of cake, but a project that involves a certain risk – points out Bartosz “Dragon” Staśkiewicz, parachute instructor and pilot.

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Preparations are entering the final phase

Kozłowski will be wearing a 130-kilogram suit. When falling, it will break the sound barrier. As part of his preparations, he jumps in tandem – he has already jumped over half a thousand times.

The aim of the action is to raise money for houses for refugees and to level the playing field. “Most of the refugees are children and that is unusual. My almost seven-year-old daughter can run around the airport and have time with cool people, and those children are wandering around – notes Kozłowski. – My dad skydives and wants to make a jump from outer space. I would like to jump with my dad, but I don’t want to jump from space, I want to sail around the world – says Anna Kozłowska, daughter of Tomasz Kozłowski.

Preparations are entering the final phase. In a year, the jump of a Pole will be able to be seen by all people on the planet and give something from themselves.

– The fact that I will see the cosmos is some kind of reward for me. Money is the last thing that matters to me, but in this case I’m doing it for the money. For money I don’t want a cent of. The more money we have, the more people we can help.

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