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Tomasz L. arrested on suspicion of espionage. Donald Tusk comments: the question is how much Russia is in Poland

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The arrest of Tomasz L. is the dot on the whole chain of events, in which Antoni Macierewicz’s face and his cynical smile will always be found somewhere, said Donald Tusk. During his speech on Saturday, at the “Meet Up: New Generation of Civic Platform” event, the PO leader commented that “the question arises again how much of this Russia is in Poland”.

Thomas L was detained in March 2022 by the Internal Security Agency on charges of spying for the Russian Federation. An employee of the Registry Office in Warsaw, 16 years earlier, in 2006, he was a member of the liquidation commission of the Military Information Services. He had access to the greatest secrets of Polish military intelligence and counterintelligence. We have the relevant documents, including the composition of the commission in which he worked, and orders with his tasks, which indisputably confirm the commitment Tomasz L. in the process of liquidation of the WSI. It is not known, however, whether during his time on the commission he carried out any activities for foreign intelligence.


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Tusk: the question arises again how much of this Russia is in Poland

This issue was mentioned by the PO chairman in his speech at the “Meet Up: New Generation of Civic Platform” event organized on Saturday. – The question arises again, how much of this is there Russia in Poland. (…) I could list a dozen, if not dozens of events that make up the indictment against Antoni Macierewicz, so that there is no doubt about how much direct and agent influence Russia has in Poland today – he said Donald Tusk.

Donald TuskPAP/Mateusz Marek

The arrest of Tomasz L. – said the PO leader – “is the dot on the whole chain of events, where Antoni Macierewicz, the most trusted figure in this political landscape, is always in the background Jarosław Kaczyńskihis face will always be there somewhere, his cynical smile when there is a great risk to our homeland.

– Let’s start with the most serious accusation against Antoni Macierewicz, i.e. a permanent, painful division built on the Smolensk lie, which Macierewicz is consistently working on, and despite the already obvious evidence that he devoted all his energy to building a conflict based on a lie in this matter, still does it, with exactly the same effect. A hot conflict, saturated with unusual emotions, which divides Poles – the greatest possible gift from the point of view of our enemies, especially the Kremlin – assessed Tusk.

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Questions about an agent in the WSI liquidation commissionTVN24

– When we look anxiously at our skies, (…) we remember breaking the contract for French helicopters, and then the vision of building helicopters for Polish army with what turned out to be a Russian agent expelled from Ukraine, he said, referring to the breakdown of negotiations for the purchase of French caracals.

He also mentioned “a complete disorganization of the officer and general corps.” – Attack with the help of the notorious master [Bartłomieja – przyp. red.] Misiewicz for a NATO institution in Poland. This was the first thing that Antoni Macierewicz did, said the leader of the Civic Platform and former prime minister.

– Antoni Macierewicz and all this fuss about the fundamental issue of state security is an illustration of a broader problem, the one about which general [były dowódca Służby Kontrwywiadu Wojskowego, Piotr – red.] Pytel said that Russia is already here, he noted.

Agent history.  A fragment of the reportage "Black on white"

Agent history. Fragment of the reportage “Black and white”TVN24

Tusk: Do we want to be part of political Russia or the Western world?

The head of the Civic Platform pointed out that “this is not only about the issue of agents and security.” He reminded that Saturday is International Human Rights Day. – I have in my ears and eyes those speeches by Jarosław Kaczyński, where there is practically no paragraph, there is not a single statement that would not emphasize the identity of views on key issues regarding human rightswhen we listen to Kaczyński and when we compare them with, for example, Putin’s statements – said Tusk.

– Do we want to be in the cultural sense, in the sense of political and human values, a part of political Russia or the Western world – he asked the participants of the event.

– Whether you listen to Putin, or Kaczyński, or Orban, you will always find anti-minority texts, anti-LGBT obsessions, those rhetorical figures that say that “the West is evil and a threat because it corrupts people,” Tusk said. – You know this narrative of Kaczyński and PiS. She’s not like, she’s identical; this is a one-to-one message that was built and prepared in the Kremlin many years ago,” he added.

Main photo source: PAP/Mateusz Marek

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