Tomasz Siemoniak on Viktor Orban: today he is becoming a pathetic pawn of Russia. He should pay the price for this, because he is on the side of evil


Viktor Orban is tearing apart the unity of the West, the unity of NATO, the unity of the European Union. And he should pay the price for this, because he is on the side of evil – said Tomasz Siemoniak, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, in “Kropka nad i”, commenting on the recent trips of the Hungarian Prime Minister. The minister assessed that although the Hungarian Prime Minister politically comes from the anti-communist opposition, today he is becoming a “pathetic pawn of Russia”.

Minister of Interior and Administration and Coordinator of Special Services Tomasz Siemoniak (Civic Coalition) spoke about Viktor Orban's actions related to the war in UkraineThe Hungarian Prime Minister claims that he is conducting a “peace mission” and for this reason he has recently traveled to Kiev and then to Moscow. He also appeared in Beijing and then went to USA to the NATO summit. Orban's visit to Moscow was criticized by Western European politicians. They emphasize that he has no mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU on the war in Ukraine.

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Commenting on the actions of the Hungarian leader, Siemoniak said that he “cannot understand it in any way”. The minister recalled that Hungary had been “severely affected by Soviet intervention” in the past, while “Orban himself – coming from the anti-communist opposition, which Fidesz used to be, is today becoming some kind of pawn of Russia, a pathetic pawn of Russia”.

“It is tearing apart the unity of the West, the unity of NATO, the unity of the European Union”

According to the boss Ministry of Interior and Administration Orban is “tearing apart the unity of the West, the unity of NATO, the unity of the European Union”. – And he should pay the price for this, because he is on the side of evil, he simply situates himself on the side of evil – he assessed.

Please note that Hungary has been taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union since JulySiemoniak stated that “this will be a very specific presidency”. – I decided not to go to Budapest for the meeting of EU interior ministers. Many ministers make similar decisions, simply so as not to give the Hungarians any pretext that everything is normal, everything is as before – he said.

In his opinion, “this meeting with Putin was a shock and a point after which one does not want to have anything to do with this type of politics.”

“Russia crossed another border towards Poland in January”

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration also referred to the risk of Russian sabotage. As he said, “we face this every day and every week.”

– Yesterday, on the orders of the Prime Minister (Donald) Tusk we presented to the ministers such information from the Internal Security Agency, of course classified, on the acts of sabotage and what is happening. And the situation is incredibly serious and the Americans, with whom we cooperate very closely in these matters, also have all these possible threats on their radar – announced the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the coordinator of special services.

Siemoniak: Russia crossed another border towards Poland in JanuaryTVN24

Siemoniak said that “Russia crossed another border into Poland in January”. – At first, they hired one, then there were others, a man who was supposed to set fire to a paint warehouse in Wrocław, threatening life, health, property. This is a completely new situation and our services simply have to deal with it – he continued. Asked about the number of such sabotage situations, he said that “we have a dozen or so people arrested, I cannot talk about other details”. – All this is happening, we have to reckon with the fact that there will be more such cases in the near future – he stated. He emphasized that “Russia uses such tools to conduct hybrid actions against countries that support Ukraine”.

Does the president know everything about Szatkowski? “Full knowledge has been passed on”

Siemoniak was also asked about the case of Tomasz Szatkowski. Since 2019, he had served as the Polish ambassador to NATO, but in May the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the end of his mission. However, the president did not recognize this change and the filling of the position by a candidate indicated by the government, Jacek Najder.

In addition, according to information from, the Internal Security Agency is investigating whether Szatkowski should still have access to state, European Union and NATO secrets. – This means that he can no longer touch any secret documents or participate in conversations in which classified information is shared – said our interlocutor from the Ministry of National Defense, requesting anonymity.

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– I can say this much: the control procedure for the security clearance, clearance for access to classified information of Mr. Tomasz Szatkowski is underway. I will not comment on this matter. Let the Internal Security Agency check it. I think that building up great emotions around this matter is unnecessary – the minister announced. He also assessed that it is also in Szatkowski's interest “to clarify the matter reliably”.

The host of the program, Monika Olejnik, pointed out that Andrzej Duda believes that he is an ambassador and asked if the president has all the knowledge on this subject.

– At the request of the president's representatives, such full knowledge was provided – Siemoniak informed. When asked whether he understood the president's attitude, he said that “there are things in heaven and earth that philosophers have never dreamed of”. – I don't understand this, I don't understand this whole situation – he added.

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Siemoniak about Szatkowski

Siemoniak about SzatkowskiTVN24

Duda's words and Tusk's post: “We should talk about the NATO summit”

Semolina he also commented on Donald Tusk's postin which the Prime Minister wrote: “Going to Washington for the NATO summit to spit on the Polish government in a television interview and announce further vetoes. That is not the president's mission. Shame.”

– The Prime Minister, as I understood, meant more not an interview for the state station, but an interview for the Republic – said the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

According to the guest of “Kropka nad i”, “when you are at the NATO summit in Washington across the ocean, you should talk about the NATO summit and emphasize the unity of the president and the government around our demands, expectations at the summit”. – Meanwhile, the president had extensive statements simply attacking the government – he assessed.

– I don't understand how it's possible in an interview for TVN24 speak calmly, normally, substantively, and (…) for TV Republika something completely different – he added. As he said, Duda apparently “can change (…) depending on what he thinks the listeners or viewers expect”.

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