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Tomasz Siwak, a former board member of Enea, was supposed to pump money from the state-owned company. Wirtualna Polska about the man Marek Suski from PiS

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Former member of the board of Enea Tomasz Siwak co-decided about the granting of money by the energy company for Congress 590, despite the fact that he was also a member of the association that co-organizes this event – ​​wrote Wirtualna Polska. According to Tomasz Siwak, there is no conflict of interest. The portal pointed out that Siwak in Law and Justice is referred to as Marek Suski’s man.

As we can read on the event’s website, “Congress 590 is a key economic event in the country, taking place since 2016, which is attended by the most important people in the country”, including President Andrzej Duda and government representatives. Wirtualna Polska pointed out that the organizers of the event are: the company Kongres 590 sp. z o. o. and the associated Association of the Institute of National Economy, in which Tomasz Siwak is the vice-president.

Among the partners of the event is Enea. “Money for the organization of subsequent editions of Congress 590 has been flowing from state-owned companies for years. Also from Enea, where Tomasz Siwak was a member of the management board for commercial matters until December 2022,” the portal wrote. It was added that Siwak was dismissed without giving reasons.

Wirtualna Polska emphasized that so far no one has paid attention to “a possible conflict of interest between Tomasz Siwak, who co-decided on donating hundreds of thousands of zlotys for the organization of Congress 590, and Tomasz Siwak, who as the vice-president of the association is responsible for co-organizing this event”. The portal confirmed that “a former member of Enea’s management board, even in April 2022, participated in the vote on the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the company Kongres 590 for the amount of PLN 550,000”.

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Tomasz Siwak answers

Tomasz Siwak, in a comment sent to WP, argued that there was no conflict of interest. “I have been the Vice-President of the Institute of National Economy Association for years pro bono and there is no conflict of interest here with the event, which is Congress 590, which by definition promotes the broadly understood Polish economy, innovation, intellectual achievements, security, science, culture, etc. From startups by micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

“Therefore, it would be very frivolous on my part to refuse Enea’s participation in this event – hiding itself, as your question puts in this way, behind misunderstood political correctness. Especially since Enea annually participates in this most important congress event in Poland. At the same time, as a citizen of the Republic of Poland, I have the right to actively participate in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the Polish community, and even such an obligation, “said Siwak in a comment sent to the portal.

Tomasz SiwakDarek Delmanowicz/PAP

Earlier, Wirtualna Polska informed that officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau had recently entered the headquarters of Enea SA and Enea Nowa Energia. According to the information of the WP, the following were secured, among others: documents from the period when Tomasz Siwak was associated with the companies.

“Obvious conflict of interest”

Professor Mariusz Bidziński, a lecturer at the SWPS University and head of the commercial law department at Chmaj & Partners, does not rule out that the case may be considered not only in the ethical dimension, but potentially also in terms of violation of the law.

– In my opinion, in a situation of an undisputed conflict of interest – here de facto acting to your advantage (even indirectly), we may be dealing with potential criminal, civil or other liability – he says in an interview with “WP”.

This is an obvious conflict of interest. Deciding in one “hat” to transfer money for activities carried out in another is a typical example of this phenomenon – says Krzysztof Izdebski, a lawyer cooperating with the Foundation. Stefan Batory.

List of millionaires

Wirtualna Polska wrote in August 2022 that after seven years of rule by the United Right, a group of millionaires formed around the ruling campwho made their fortune on jobs in companies with State Treasury shareholding. The analysis carried out by the portal shows that 122 people associated with the so-called “good change” earned almost PLN 267 million in state-owned companies. This list also includes Tomasz Siwak, who PLN 1.067 million in Enea by the end of 2021.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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