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Tomasz Szmydt suspected of espionage. Why didn't counterintelligence detect him?

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Tomasz Szmydt is suspected of espionage and faces up to life in prison. The former judge is in Belarus, where he has asked for asylum. His detention and transfer to Poland therefore seem quite unlikely. Why didn't Polish counterintelligence detect Szmydt's activities? – The services did not touch Szmydt because they treated him as Ziobro's man and Piebiak's man, i.e. an element of the political system – says Michał Szczerba, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

– He is a patriotic, normal person – this is how Aleksandr Lukashenka, the dictator of Belarus, assesses Tomasz Szmydt. – They took him as their property, like a dog, and he is a traitor – commented Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, former Minister of Culture and candidate in the European elections on behalf of the Civic Coalition.

Szmydt is no longer a judge, he is officially suspected of espionage. The National Prosecutor's Office issued a decision to bring charges against Tomasz Szmydt. An application for his temporary arrest is expected to be submitted to the court soon. If the court accepts the request, the prosecutor will be able to issue an arrest warrant.

– The prosecutor's office is bringing charges against him. A man who has left and will never be extradited here under the current political system in Belarus, said Waldemar Buda, an MP from Law and Justice.

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– This cannot in any way hinder the actions of the Polish state. Traitors must be hunted down. We will pursue traitors, regardless of where they are – replied Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

There is a chance for changes in the law. Bodnar: A debate awaits us

A conversation has begun about changes in the law to prevent further such cases. – Let's learn from mistakes. Let's show that we will create a better system, said Tomasz Trela, MP from the New Left. The most serious problem is the provisions on access of judges and prosecutors to classified information.

– Their privilege of not being checked is incomprehensible, and this is where it failed – points out Maciej Konieczny, an MP from the New Left.

The Prime Minister accused the PiS government of being Russian and Belarusian agentsKatarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

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– We're going to have a debate. A serious, substantive debate with the participation of judges, with the participation of civil society, using the best international models – announced the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Adam Bodnar.

In the political field, there is an ongoing debate regarding the condition of the Polish services. The counterintelligence was not interested in Szmydt's life and his trips to Belarus, and such trips were supposed to take place last year.

– He was an agent for a long time. He was an agent during the probably first Tusk government, so Tusk should also beat his chest – commented Beata Szydło, MEP from Law and Justice.

“The services did not touch Szmydt because they treated him as Ziobro's man”

– We are either dealing with an aggressive and disgusting political lie, which Mrs. Szydło's formation and she herself have already accustomed us to, or we are dealing with some incredible story where there was an agent and PiS knew about it, including the Prime Minister – replied Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz .

During the government of the United Right, Szmydt quickly climbed the career ladder. He was delegated to the Ministry of Justice of Zbigniew Ziobro. He became the head of the legal department in the neo-KRS. He was also involved in hate speech against judges opposing the politicization of the judiciary. – The scandal is now taking on a completely different dimension – commented Aleksandra Leo, MP from Poland 2050-Third Way.

The question is: where were the services? – The question is why Mr. Szmydt was not also under surveillance with Pegasus, because Mr. Kaczyński said that was what Pegasus was for. Meanwhile, Pegasus was used to eavesdrop on the opposition. – Aleksandra Leo points out.

– The services did not touch Szmydt because they treated him as Ziobro's man and Piebiak's man (Łukasz Piebiak, deputy minister of justice under Ziobro – editor's note), i.e. an element of the political arrangement – commented Michał Szczerba, MP from the Civic Coalition.

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Tusk on Szmydt: he was appointed by PiS to attack independent judges

Tusk on Szmydt: he was appointed by PiS to attack independent judgesTVN24

Tomasz Siemoniak received the task

Law and Justice is trying to shift responsibility to those currently in power. – I am particularly interested in the situation in which this man was preparing to leave. He talked many times with people who helped him with this. The last weeks were the most intense, said Waldemar Buda.

However, the actions of the United Right governments towards the services raise many doubts. – They knocked out the teeth of the secret services, right? Many very experienced officers retired. They were replaced by very young officers, commented Professor Danuta Plecka, head of the Department of Political Systems at the University of Gdańsk.

Changes in the services are a challenge for Tomasz Siemoniak, who from Monday will combine the functions of coordinator of secret services and minister of interior affairs and administration.

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