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Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather. When the snow falls again. A few days with the weather on the verge of autumn and winter

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The weather in Europe is shaped by several barric systems. The recent snowfall is a consequence of the presence of a zone of humid and very cold air in the central parts of the continent. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said, we can still expect winter accents in the coming days.

The Friday weather has brought us a taste of winter. Heavy snow was falling, making the landscapes white in many places. The rainfall did not stop at night as well.

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Moisture zone in Europe

As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said in the program “Get up and the weekend”, such weather was “the first step towards winter”. We will have to wait a dozen or so days for the real one, with stable snow and frost during the day.

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– Where does this weather and this winter incident come from now? Let me start with the lows – one of the most important for us is now over Belarus, but there are a few others that rule the weather in our part of Europe – over Belgium and northern Italy – explained the presenter.

Within these barric systems there is a zone with very humid air.

– There is a lot of rainfall, both snow and rain and sleet. This is mixed rainfall, it occurs in this part of Europe, in quite abundant doses – he added.

At the same time, cold air flows into these parts of the continent from the north and north-east. Wasilewski mentioned that in some regions of Scandinavia, thermometers can show as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

– It’s already very frosty there, and the cold air is slowly moving south. Course -30 [stopni] it will not slide down to us, but it is worth saying that there is already a harsh, solid winter just beyond the Baltic Sea – Wasilewski said.

Winter accents in the forecasts

The presenter said that the weather in the coming days will also be influenced by the boom that currently stands over the Atlantic.

– Between the Atlantic high and the lowlands from the center of the continent there is a very strong momentum, also of cold air. Today, in the UK, the wind in the foothills reaches almost 200 kilometers per hour. […] The whole pressure system that we have, i.e. the cold from the north, as well as from Iceland and the Norwegian Sea, will make a lot of winter accents in the coming days – he said.

The warm air has been pushed to the southeast of Europe, so on Saturday thermometers in Moscow can show 4 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, only 2-3 degrees C are forecast in Warsaw.

– For the time being, this entire pressure system bodes us for such a delicate winter in the coming days, or something at the junction of autumn and winter. And so it will take itself, including the fact that on Monday there will be new snowfall and stronger winds. On Sunday, there will also be a new portion of snow that will quickly die. So a few days with the weather will be on the border of the seasons – summed up Wasilewski.

You can see the whole conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski here:

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in Poland and EuropeTVN24

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