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Tomasz Zimoch wants an apology and a donation to the foundation from Paweł Jabłoński. It’s about an alleged vulgar gesture

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Polish 2050 MP Tomasz Zimoch demands that Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński apologize on television and pay a donation to the Szpiku Team foundation. This is a response to accusations about an alleged vulgar gesture that, according to Jabłoński, Zimoch made during a meeting of the Sejm.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs PIS Paweł Jabłoński accused the Polish 2050 MP Tomasz Zimoch of making a vulgar gesture during the Sejm session and showing a printed photo of Zimoch with his middle finger extended in the Polsat News studio. He accused the MP of “showing this gesture to all Poles.”

Tomasz Zimoch while presenting his candidacy for a member of the National Council of the JudiciaryTVN24

– If you get to know me a little and observe me in the Sejm hall, you will know that I often have such “hand-like behavior”, that I support my face and so on – Zimoch replied to him. The recordings from the parliamentary cameras show that Zimoch was scratching his chin with his middle finger. A dozen or so seconds later he did the same with his index finger. The MP announced that Jabłoński “will receive a letter” from his representative. The deputy minister later apologized to Zimoch on social media.

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Zimoch: I submitted two letters

On Thursday, Zimoch spoke at a press conference in the Sejm. – I submitted two letters to the Sejm today. One thing will reach the Law and Justice club, it is a summons and at the same time a pre-trial letter. I am submitting my second letter to the Ethics Committee, he said.

He stated that “MP Paweł Jabłoński violated the rules of good manners.” – In this letter, I demand that the MP submit a statement that will be published on Polsat TV before the main edition of “Events”.

The declaration is to have the following content:

I, MP Paweł Jabłoński, apologize to Mr Tomasz Zimoch for the fact that on November 14, during the Debata Dnia program broadcast on Polsat News, I spread false information that Mr Tomasz Zimoch, MP, made a vulgar gesture towards the citizens of the Republic of Poland during the sitting of the Sejm on November 14 Poland, which illegally violated the personal rights of MP Tomasz Zimoch in the form of good name, dignity and honor.

– At the same time, I demand that the MP pay an appropriate amount for a social purpose, specifically to the Anna Wierska Foundation – the Marrow Team – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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