Tomek Remiszewski, TVN24 operator, is dead. He was 56 years old


Tomek Remiszewski has died. Long-time operator of TVN24. He worked at the station almost from the beginning. Today we will say goodbye to him at the cemetery in Marysin Wawerski.

Tomek Remiszewski died just after Christmas. Suddenly. December 27 is not the time to die. There was no warning, no light to indicate impending danger.

The heart – this wonderful engine of our body, tirelessly pushing us all through life – suddenly said “enough”. Why? How so? Why now? After all, Tomek cared so much about himself, he was so young, he could still achieve so much, he was so needed.

A haven of peace. Walking culture. A good, honest man. It was impossible to get angry at Him. It was impossible not to like Him. You could always count on Him. Irreplaceable. A unique, wonderful guest. A bit out of date. He had patience for all the parliamentary tables. He almost never complained. And that peace on your face… so necessary and helpful in everyday madness. And also love for jazz, classical music and music that is not always understandable to everyone. A void that cannot be filled.

Tomek Remiszewski has passed awayTVN24

He was needed. That’s true. Without his reliable eye and steady hand, the reports reaching you would not be so perfect. Tomek was great at capturing the moment, catching the shot, making you, our viewers, get not only a perfect image, but also an emotion.

How could he put it together? A professional, after graduating from film school in Łódź, that’s probably why he saw more. Extremely patient. For some of us struggling with politicians in the parliamentary corridors, where, let’s face it, it can be difficult, it was an extremely valuable feature. He had a gift. His calmness infected those around him.

Tomek was a calm, unobtrusive man, he liked jazz, a lover of good sound and tube amplifiers. A graduate of the Łódź Film School, a professional, but most importantly – he was our colleague, advisor, and a good person.

Tomek loved jazz. Vibrating, emotional music, where silence, reflection, a fading note meet wild improvisation. Where is he in all this, you might ask? And in all this he was at home, elegant, balanced, as if from another world. A wonderful man.

Tomek, we are deeply grateful to you for opening the door to your world and giving us a chance to get to know yourself. To be with you. We will miss you very much.

“Remiś”, as Tomek was called by his old faith, was a good friend, a very helpful and incredibly calm man in many very stressful situations at work. He always kept his cool and his calmness was infectious to others, for which I am grateful. In the 30 years we have known each other, I have only seen him very nervous once in the Sejm. When I went up to him to ask him what had happened to make him shake, he swore ugly: “Shit, I can’t stand it.” Remiś didn’t use profanity, he had a great upbringing, and maybe it would help him relieve stress? I always envied him this, this calmness and personal culture in showing nerves. He was very kind and you could talk to him sensibly. One of the few friends I will miss very much.

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