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Took son for manicure after teacher told boy it was ‘girls only’

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The video that Christian Shearfood shared on TikTok went viral. This is a report from going out with my three-year-old son for a manicure. “The teacher told him that he shouldn’t paint his nails because it’s only for girls. So I took him to the salon,” he explained.

Christian Shearfood took his son for a manicure and pedicure after the boy was told by a teacher that he “shouldn’t be painting his nails”. Ashton’s dad shared a video on TikTok, which is a report from a visit to the salon. “Yesterday my son came home from kindergarten very sad because the teacher told him that he shouldn’t paint his nails because it’s only for girls. So I took him to the salon today!” he said at the beginning of the recording.

In the video, which has already been viewed more than 4 million times, three-year-old Ashton chooses pink nail polish before sitting on the couch watching his nails get painted. At the end, he smiles and presents them to the camera.

Dad explained why he took his son for a manicure

Christian Shearfood, himself a teacher in Los Angeles, was interviewed by NBC News and said his son became interested in painting his nails when he was two years old. “From that moment we paint our nails together” – he emphasized. He also explained why he had taken his son to the salon. “I really wanted to make sure he didn’t feel guilty or ashamed because he’s doing something he enjoys. We’ve done it together (we painted our nails – ed.) many times.”

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Under the post there were many comments from Internet users who persuaded Ashton’s dad to talk to his son’s teacher. Christian Shearfood told NBC News that he already did. “I just said to them, ‘Hey, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say that kind of thing to Ashton and kind of let him do what he likes.'”

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