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“Top Model” – photos for the 12th edition at the halfway point. “We haven’t had a group with such energy for a long time”

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Shooting for the 12th edition of “Top Model” is underway, which we will see on TVN in the fall. 15 people went to the house of models and models. They are fighting for the main prize: a contract with the Selective Management agency, a photo on the cover of a fashion magazine and 200,000. zlotys. The winnings are twice as high as in previous editions. There are more changes to the program.

People over the age of 16 can participate in “Top Model”. Although there is no upper age limit, so far only young people have applied for the casting. “This time, we even had people in their 60s among the candidates. You can see the change, people are braver and age is no longer a barrier for them. We are very happy about it. This is not a program only for teenagers – says Monika Lenar, producer “Top Model”.

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“Top Model” – what matters at the casting

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Joanna Krupa, Dawid Woliński and Marcin Tyszka have been members of the jury from the very beginning. Katarzyna Sokołowska joined the third edition. At castings, they pay attention not only to their figure or beauty, but also to their personality and the ability to present themselves in front of the camera. – We are more open in terms of age, height no longer matters. 12 years, a quarter of my life on the set, already impresses me – said Michał Piróg, who supports the participants backstage in “Co za week”.

Each of the jurors chooses a candidate for the so-called silver ticket. Internet users decide their fate. The person they like the most goes to the next stage (boot camp). In this edition, the vote of Internet users was won by Lena Gruczka, indicated by Katarzyna Sokołowska. There is also the so-called golden ticket, from the entire jury. The lucky winner skips the boot camp and goes straight to the model house. Klaudia El Dursi won such a golden ticket in the 8th edition. Although she did not win the show, she began her career in television – she leads “Paradise Hotel”.

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More quests and special guests

In this edition, more spectacular tasks await the inhabitants of the house. – We always started the recordings with metamorphoses, now we started with challenges. One of the first was pictures in a rotating room. We built a structure, a cube imitating a room that rotated 360 degrees. Participants had to move in it in accordance with the movement of the mechanism – says Lenar. She reveals that the 12th edition of “Top Model” promises to be exceptional. – Participants are very engaged, aware of what they want to achieve. They are busy, they want to work. For the first time we have a group that cleans the house! There has never been such energy before, he adds.

Guests in this edition will include: Czech top model of the 1990s Daniela Peštová, editor-in-chief of the Spanish edition of “Marie Claire” (photos from her styled session will be published in the magazine), so viewers will be even closer to world fashion. The actors Magdalena Boczarska, Maciej Musiał and Julia Wieniawa will appear. We will see Ralph Kamiński as the director of the fashion film. The judge in one of the episodes will be Zuza Kołodziejczyk, a model who started her career 10 years ago by winning the third edition of “Top Model”.

The first episode of “Top Model” will be shown on Saturday, September 2. The show will air on Saturday nights. It will replace “Got talent!”, which will not be in the autumn schedule.

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