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Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021. Before the performances, the artists talk to TVN24 reporters

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The Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021, which begins today, will last until Thursday. There will be performances by De Mono, Raz Dwa Trzy, Closed Branch, Kayah, Andrzej Piaseczny, Blue Cafe, Kombii and Pectus, among others. Reporters from TVN24 talked to some of the artists preparing for the performance.

It is starting today, August 17, at the Opera Leśna in Sopot Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021which will run until Thursday, August 19. All concerts will be broadcast live on TVN. The first day of the festival will be dominated by cult hits from years ago. There will be two concerts: #FOREVERYOUNG and #ILOVESOPOT. There will be performances by Kayah, Majka Jeżowska, Izabela Trojanowska, Urszula, Budka Suflera, De Mono and the Closed Branch, among others.


On August 18 in Sopot, dance hits will be heard, known from the 60-year history of Sopot festivals. At the # IDANCEINOPERALEŚNA concert, they will be performed by: Agnieszka Chylińska, Ewa Farna, Cleo, Andrzej Piaseczny, Kasia Kowalska, Małgorzata Ostrowska and the bands Blue Cafe, Kombii, Feel and Pectus.

On the last day there will be a jubilee concert of TVN24 – # Nasze20lecie. The event will be hosted by journalists of the station, and the artists’ performances will be interwoven with accounts and memories of the most important moments of the past two decades.

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On the stage, together with the orchestra conducted by Daniel Nosewicz and Nikola Kołodziejczyk, the following will perform: Kayah, Agnieszka Chylińska, Kasia Nosowska, Ewa Bem, Brodka, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Natalia Przybysz, Viki Gabor, Grzegorz Turnau, Stanisław Soyka, Raz Dwa Trzy, Fisz Emade Tworzywa, Kortez, Michał Szpak, Paweł Domagała, Krzysztof Iwaneczko.

Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021. AnnouncementTVN

What will Raz, Dwa, Trzy play?

Our reporters, Joanna Kryńska and Radosław Mróz, talk to the musicians in front of the Sopot Forest Opera in the morning.

Adam Nowak, leader, author of most of the lyrics, guitarist and vocalist of the band Raz, Dwa, Trzy, was asked about the band’s work during the lockdown, noting that the band celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last year.

– We celebrated around the houses. Somehow we managed to survive, like many other performers, artists and creators. We are celebrating today because we have returned to many concerts, but we are celebrating a very good event in Sopot, i.e. Top of the Top Sopot Festival with great guests – he said.

Nowak admitted that in his opinion “everyone would like to forget what happened during the whole year and a half”. – Let’s hope something new and bad will not catch up with us. I am of good cheer. I’ve always been a skeptic of good hope, depending on the situation, ‘he said.

When asked what the band is preparing for the show, the musician replied: – I don’t know if I can reveal it. The set design is a secret, it is undisclosed until the last moment, but we will play a well-known song with the orchestra, which I hope the listeners appreciate very much, but also like – he revealed.

Speaking about the band’s thirtieth anniversary, Nowak assessed it as “an important time”. “Everyone here has had their own experiences and experienced a life that they probably didn’t expect before the 1990s, because each of us had slightly different plans, and life turned exactly 180 degrees on February 31, 1990 and it turned out that we persevered,” he said.

Adam Nowak (Raz, Dwa, Trzy) before the Top of the Top Sopot FestivalTVN24

De Mono hungry for contact with the audience. “Be with us”

Reporters also spoke to members of the De Mono team. Bassist Piotr Kubiaczyk admitted that both fans and musicians are hungry for contact.

The vocalist Andrzej Krzywy, when asked if such a festival is still the same strong experience for experienced artists, replied: – Absolutely. We love it, it is our passion, fulfillment. Music is what we love. The year and a half separation was a great suffering, I must admit it, but we are back, we are already touring. We are already meeting the audience. Tonight will be a fantastic evening.

Kubiaczyk assessed that the pandemic was not an inspiration. – However, we used it artistically, we recorded the album “Osiecky” with songs by Agnieszka Osiecka. It was made, recorded at a time when we were locked up at home and we had to deal with it – he said.

– Be with us – added Andrzej Krzywy.

Musicians from De Mono before the Top of the Top Sopot FestivalTVN24

“Piasek” about morning rehearsals

The vocalist Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny, addressing the reporters, said: – I see you every day on my TV set and meeting you is a kind of meeting, as if I have known you forever.

When asked about his rehearsal before the show, he admitted that he “tries not to whine” during it. – Experience means that you have to find yourself in every situation, and the morning rehearsals are always not the most comfortable rehearsals – he explained. – I sing before the concert, that’s for sure, I promise. Today I missed some sounds – he added.

– Everything that has happened to us in the last year with a poultice are various types of restrictions. I think that if the pandemic comes back, and it probably comes back, we will unfortunately see what form, then here only half a sentence of politics: if they lock someone up, then culture comes first, so people: go to the concerts while they are still there – he appealed.


Andrzej Piaseczny before the Top of the Top Sopot Festival TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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