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Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023. Blue Cafe will play a “special concert”

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The Blue Cafe team celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Their concert at the Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023 “will be special” – announced the singer Dominika Gawęda. The festival starts on Monday.

Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2023 will begin on Monday at the Forest Opera in Sopot and will last until August 24. The greatest stars of Polish music will perform there. Broadcast of all four days of the festival on TVN.

“A musical feast is coming”

In the TVN24 studio, the musicians of the Blue Cafe band – Dominika Gawęda and Paweł Rurak-Sokal – spoke about the upcoming festival.

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– This will be a special concert for us, this year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Blue Cafe band. We are going to give our best, we have prepared our greatest hits in completely new arrangements – revealed Gawęda.

Rurak-Sokal explained that “there will be soulful arrangements, there will be backing vocals, there will be a brass section”. – A musical feast is coming. We will also play our new single “Invisible” – he announced.

Gawęda also said that the entire Blue Cafe team “loves the Forest Opera and the festival in Sopot very much”. – I am a big fan of the Tri-City and every return to this place is special for me. Festival Top of The Top is magical. It is a place where amazing energy is born, inspirations are created, there are beautiful meetings with the audience – she said.

As Rurak-Sokal added, “legends are created in Sopot that follow us for generations”.

Program and participants of the festival

The festival will start on August 21 in the evening with the slogan #I Dance. On this day they will perform: T.Love, Krzysztof Zalewski, Ørganek, Natalia Przybysz, Michał Szpak, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Margaret, LemON, Grzegorz Hyży, Ania Karwan, Kombii, Dr Misio, Sara James, Red Lips and fast boy.

On Tuesday, August 22, the stage will be taken over by the rhythms of summer under the slogan #Summer Vibes, i.e. the most popular songs in holiday arrangements. They’ll make sure you have fun Kayah, Agnieszka Chylińska, Ewa Farna, Cleo, Blue Cafe, Joanna Jakubas, Mesajah, Łukasz Zagrobelny, Margaret and Lisha & The Men.

On the same evening, in the competition for the Amber Nightingale Award, seven nominated performers will present their works published in the last twelve months. They will be Effy, Daria z Śląska, Aden Foyer, Bovska, Apple Flower, Paula Roma and Rubens. During last year’s festival, Michał Szpak received the Amber Nightingale.

The third day of the festival in Sopot is #Great Moments. Among the artists who will perform on stage then will be Agnieszka Chylińska, Nosowska, Ralph Kaminski, Kayah, Urszula, Natalia Szroeder, Wiktor Dyduła, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Mery Spolsky, Natalia Kukulska, Feel, Natalia Nykiel, Reni Jusis, Sorry Boys, Oskar Cyms, Julia Wieniawa, Ewelina Lisowska and Clödie.

The Top of the Top Sopot Festival will close on Thursday, August 24 with the great show #Magic Words, during which the Forest Opera will be filled with the most beautiful Polish melodies in orchestral arrangements. On stage will appear: Mrozu, Kayah, Kortez, Andrzej Piaseczny, Ewa Bem, Igor Herbut, Prońko, Michał Bajor, Alicja Majewska, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Cuba Badach, Natalia Przybysz, Mery Spolsky, Andrzej Lampert, Rubens, Ania Karwan, Arek Kłusowski, Natalia Nykiel, Jan Emil Młynarski, Kasia Moś, Sławek Uniatowski, Anna Rusowicz, Krystian Ochman and Łukasz Zagrobelny.

The event will be prepared by Festival Group and will be broadcast on TVN.

Main photo source: TVN24

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