TOPR and GOPR Karkonosze actions. In the Tatra Mountains they helped the family during a night hike, in the Karkonosze Mountains they rescued tourists eight times


Rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service intervened twice at night. A family of three, who found themselves on a ridge near Kasprowy Wierch after dark, asked for help. The rescuers of GOPR Karkonosze also have busy hours behind them. Three of their eight rescues involved ski touring skiers.

On Saturday after 6 pm, the TOPR headquarters received a request for help from a family of three who found themselves in the area of ​​Suche Czub Kondrackie, west of Kasprowy Wierch. According to the TOPR rescuer on duty, the family – parents and 17-year-old son – planned the trip to the mountains completely wrong.

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The family in need of help found themselves on the ridge at dusk. There they could not cope with the further journey – they were found by deep snow and strong winds. That’s why they called for help. They were brought down safely before 2 am.

TOPR rescuers: they lacked skills, appropriate equipment and planning the expedition

In turn, after 8 p.m., TOPR members asked for help from two tourists who intended to climb the climbing route in the area of ​​the northern pillar of Świnica. As TOPR rescuers emphasize, however, they lacked skills, appropriate equipment and proper planning of the expedition. On Sunday morning, the tourists were brought without any injuries to the Murowaniec shelter in Hala Gąsienicowa. Rescue operations lasted almost 12 hours.

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The action on Świnica was hampered by strong winds. The temperature dropped to 13 degrees below zero in the mountains and it was snowing. Visibility was limited to only a few meters. There was a blizzard of snow making operations difficult. The action involved a risk for the rescuers themselves.

13 rescuers participated in both expeditions.

Working hours of GOPR Karkonosze rescuers. Three out of eight trips for ski touring skiers

Rescuers in the Karkonosze Mountains also had a busy day on Saturday. Mountain Rescue Service (GOPR) went out for interventions as many as eight times yesterday.

Action of mountain rescuers in the Karkonosze MountainsGOPR Karkonosze

“In three cases, these were rescue expeditions for ski touring skiers. They were a long-term operation due to the difficult terrain in which the injured people were located. In two cases, rope techniques were used to extract skiers” – we read in the GOPR Karkonosze release.

Action of mountain rescuers in the Karkonosze MountainsGOPR Karkonosze

Main photo source: GOPR Karkonosze

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