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Torosy on the Baltic Sea. Ice mountains pile up on the beaches [ZDJĘCIA]

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Huge piles of broken ice appeared on the beaches of the Hel Peninsula. Torosy, i.e. piled ice floes, in Kuźnica attracted many residents and tourists. However, this impressive-looking phenomenon is best admired only from the land side. We received the photos on Kontakt 24.

Toros are formed during the thaw, when the ice cover begins to crack and there is strong wind. The ice floe is transported by wind and sea currents and presses towards land. In this way, ice floes accumulate on the beaches, resembling ice mountains.

This spectacular phenomenon occurred at the end of the week on the southern side of the Hel Peninsula. As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk explained, during the last frosts, before warming occurred, the waters of the bay managed to freeze faster than in the open sea, and for several days the wind blew from the south, as a result of which the ice was pushed to the shore.

On Sunday, in Kuźnica, large amounts of broken ice piled up to a height of up to two meters. Torosy became a tourist attraction over the weekend, attracting a lot of people. Please remember to view this phenomenon only from land. Crossing to the other side can be very dangerous, as the ice, which is getting thinner, may break beneath us.

“Gives the impression of an icy mountain range.”

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– I live near Puck, I was on my way to do something Jastarnia, when I noticed this sight and decided to stop. It looks like the North Pole or Antarctica. It gives the impression of an icy mountain range and reaches even the middle of the bay – described Mr. Władek, who sent photos of the piled up ice floes to Kontakt 24. – The ice is growing all the time. At the moment it almost reaches the sidewalk, he added.


Mr. Leszek, who in turn sent us a video showing this icy phenomenon, noted that this is not the first time he has seen it.

– This is quite common in Kuźnica, we have such atmospheric conditions and geographical location that ice and the right wind direction are enough to create these ice mountains. Without a doubt, this is a phenomenon that attracts many tourists to this area, he noted. – The only thing I could add is to warn people not to climb these mountains. It is a nice sight, but it is much better and safer to admire it from the side, watching, and not by stepping onto the ice, which can break at any time and drag you down, he emphasized.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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