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Torun. A priest accused of sexually abusing a boy has appeared in court. He faces up to 15 years in prison

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The trial of a priest suspected of sexually abusing a boy has started before the court in Toruń (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship). The priest faces up to fifteen years in prison. The prosecutor’s office accuses him of abusing a child in 2013-2017. A decision was made to extend his detention for three months.

The court decided to exclude the openness of the proceedings. Journalists cannot give details about the trial or even attend it.

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The now 46-year-old priest was accused by the prosecutor’s office of sexually abusing the boy from July 2013 to 2017, as well as of mistreating him. The priest was a vicar in one of the parishes in the diocese of Toruń.

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Charges against the priest

The accused “in short intervals, in the execution of a predetermined intention, in the period from an unspecified date of July 2013 to August 3, 2014, using a ruse consisting in providing a minor then under the age of 15 with alcoholic beverages: wine and beer and persuading him for drinking alcohol and staging a holy mass, during which he consecrated and presented (to him – editor’s note) a rosary worn on his finger and saying that from now on they were husband and wife, he led the minor to sexual intercourse and to perform and submit to another sexual activity” – according to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Toruń in a communication of May 5, 2023 about the indictment to the court.

The priest was also supposed to lead the boy to sexual intercourse after the boy turned 15 and to perform and submit to other sexual activity.

The suspected priest was arrestedTVN24

The priest faces a penalty of 3 to 15 years in prison. PAP confirmed in the prosecutor’s office that on Friday a decision was made to extend the pre-trial detention of the priest by three months. The indictment was not read. The next date has been set for September.

The bishop expressed remorse

The diocesan curia in Toruń, in a communication issued on this matter, informed that at the beginning of November 2022 a man came to it who reported the fact of sexual harassment by a priest.

“After receiving this information, the prosecutor’s office, with which the delegate of the Bishop of Toruń for the protection of children and youth cooperates, was immediately informed about the case. The accused immediately ceased to be a parish priest (he held it in subsequent years in another parish – PAP). entrusted with no pastoral functions in any parish. He was banned from pastoral work with children and youth. I also inform you that such allegations have never been made against the accused before. The bishop of Toruń also started a preliminary canonical investigation, the files of which were transferred to the Holy See. in a statement.

A priest is suspected of raping a minor

A priest is suspected of raping a minorTVN24

The Bishop of Toruń also expressed his great sadness about the situation. “The crime referred to in the indictment is a great harm done to the victim and a wound inflicted on the Church community. Therefore, the victim received a proposal from the diocese for therapeutic or financial assistance, which is necessary to undertake therapy” – it was indicated.

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