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Toruń. Fell out of dormitory window. “He didn't realize he was on the third floor”

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A 23-year-old fell from the third floor of a dormitory in Toruń. He climbed out onto the windowsill, then hung upside down and was unable to return to his room. It turned out that he was under the influence of alcohol. According to media reports, a woman standing in the window was screaming that it was her lover, with whom she had locked herself in the room and could not find the key.

“One of the residents of the 'Student House No. 1' at ul. Adama Mickiewicza 2/4 in Toruń climbed onto the windowsill and then hung upside down. Unfortunately, he was unable to return to the room and after a few dozen seconds he fell down several floors” – we read in an article on the website wiadomodzi.pl.

As Staff Sergeant Sebastian Pypczyński from the Toruń City Police Headquarters tells us, the incident took place last Saturday. The report was received shortly after 10 p.m.

He tried to get back to his room. He couldn't. He fell onto the lawn. informed.pl

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Police: he was under the influence of alcohol

– Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene. Their findings indicate that the 23-year-old man tried to leave the building through a window, not realizing that he was on the third floor, and as a result fell – he noted.

He adds that the 23-year-old was under the influence of alcohol.

– At the same time, the officers proved that no prohibited act was committed here – emphasizes Staff Sgt. Pypczyński.

The man was taken to hospital.

– The patient is alive. However, we cannot provide information about his health status – says Eryk Milarski, spokesman for the specialist city hospital in Toruń.

Because they didn't find the key

In the video attached to the article on the portal informed.pl (we publish it with the portal's consent) we see that a woman was standing in the window during the entire incident.

Toruń. A 23-year-old fell from the third floor of a student residence hall informed.pl

“According to the statements of witnesses to the incident, the woman in the window was screaming: he's my lover, we were drinking, we locked ourselves in the room and we couldn't find the key. Maciej wanted to go out through the window, but he fell,” we read on the website.

Main image source: informed.pl

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