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Torun, Kutno. During the stop, the mother went out to prepare milk for the child, the bus with her sons left

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The woman was traveling with her two sons – aged 1.5 and 11 – by coach from Kraków to Gdynia. During the stop, she got out to prepare milk for the younger child. The boys stayed inside, the unwitting driver drove off, and the distraught mother stayed at the gas station. The police were informed about the case.

The incident happened on Tuesday (February 7). Younger aspirant Dominika Bocian from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Toruń reported that the driver of the Krakow-Gdynia bus called the police officer on duty, who said that a moment earlier, in the vicinity of Kutno (Łódź Voivodeship), he had stopped at a petrol station.

The mother went to heat the milk, the children were left alone. The driver couldn’t turn around because he was on the highway

As reported by the driver, after resuming driving, the passenger traveling with two minor children did not return to her seat, and her sons were unaccompanied in the vehicle. The driver could not turn back because he was already on the A1 motorway towards Toruń.

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– The boys’ mother left her mobile phone on her seat and dialed her number from the petrol station to contact the driver. The duty officer then contacted her. The woman reported that she had left her one-and-a-half-year-old son in the care of her older brother, 11, to enter the station for a moment and prepare milk for the toddler during a break in the journey. When she wanted to return to the bus, but it had already left – the policewoman said.

The policemen picked up the boys at the train station, others helped the mother get to Toruń

District officers from Toruń picked up the boys at the bus station. – The younger one, a bit stressed at first, quickly became interested in the fairy tales that the policewoman turned on for him. The brothers, together, in safe conditions, awaited the arrival of their mother – stressed Bocian.

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At the same time, other officers helped the children’s mother get to Toruń. – Thanks to the quick and efficient help, the boys were taken into the care of their parents after a short time – emphasizes the police officer.

The children returned safely to their motherKMP in Toruń

Main photo source: KMP in Toruń

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