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Toruń. Parents with children walk there. “These are very treacherous places on the Vistula”

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Rescuers of the Voluntary Water Rescue Service from Toruń draw attention to the problem of people walking on the riverbanks on the Vistula, including parents with small children. Water enthusiasts appeal not to enter them because it is extremely dangerous and may end in tragedy.

A few days ago, the Volunteer Water Emergency Service from Toruń published a post on social media along with photos showing people walking on the sandbanks on the Vistula River.

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“People who climb them do not realize that this may be their last entry to a sand dune. These are very treacherous places on the Vistula,” wrote the watermen.

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Wojciech Lewko, president of the Volunteer Water Emergency Service in Toruń, in an interview with tvn24.pl admits that this type of behavior is extremely irresponsible.

Dangerous rags

– River sandbars are nothing more than the exposed bottom of the Vistula. When we talk about a river, we have a current. We never know whether the water under the sandbar, in its vicinity, especially near the edges, is hollowing out some space. This rarely happens, but it can collapse. If someone is on the hook, saving that person or people is extremely difficult. If it collapses, it will not only be covered with sand, but also with water – says Lewko.

Parents with children climb onto the sandbanks on the Vistula RiverWOPR Toruń

He adds that it is dangerous because whole families are walking on the rags. – This is extreme irresponsibility. People treat sandbanks as sandboxes or a place to relax, but you can't approach it that way. Yes, you can relax on the shore. The Vistula is a beautiful place, worth staying near, but not walking on the sandbanks – emphasizes Wojciech Lewko.

Parents with children climb onto the sandbanks on the Vistula RiverWOPR Toruń

The president of Toruń's watermen does not hide the fact that for several weeks they have had a very large number of applications. – We reach out, educate them and, if possible, remove these people. It is also difficult for us, because we are not always able to swim to the sandbar – explains Wojciech Lewko.

Main photo source: WOPR Toruń

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