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Toruń. The hospital put up an announcement about paid nursing care, there is an inspection

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An announcement appeared in the corridors of the city hospital in Toruń regarding the provision of additional, paid nursing care. The mayor of the city and the patient's rights ombudsman intervened.

This is about an announcement that appeared in the city hospital in Toruń a few days ago. Concerns the provision of additional nursing care. The cost is PLN 80 per hour. The scope of services provided includes: assistance in meeting physiological needs, body toilet, anti-decubitus toilet, feeding and watering, monitoring vital signs and observing the patient, encouraging physical and mental activity, ensuring the patient's safety and ensuring optimal conditions of mental and physical comfort in during your stay in hospital.

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The problem, however, is that what was mentioned in the advertisement also includes nursing duties carried out under the National Health Fund. Jakub Kosikowski, a resident doctor, drew attention to this, among others, on the X platform.

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The city responds

Dagmara Zielińska, deputy mayor of Toruń, responsible for, among other things, health, explained that “the legal basis in the announcement is indeed correct, because the patient has the right to additional nursing care, which is not part of the scope of services provided under the National Health Fund.”

– However, it could mislead patients and their families. The information provided to us by the director of the city hospital shows that patients did not pay for any of the nursing services provided in the hospital, said the vice-president of Toruń at a meeting with journalists.

City hospital in ToruńTVN24

The announcement was signed by the hospital director, Justyna Wileńska, who is on vacation until June 12. The mayor of Toruń, Paweł Gulewski, decided to carry out an inspection at the hospital. This is scheduled to last until the end of June.

– I made a decision in the form of an ordinance to appoint an inspection team that will examine the issue of additional nursing services in the city hospital. Using my prerogatives, I also directed Mrs. Justyna Wileńska, the director of the facility, to… overdue vacation leisure. It will be used from May 27 to June 12, he informed journalists.

Decision of the patient's rights ombudsman

The case was also commented on on the X platform by patient rights ombudsman Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, who initiated proceedings regarding the use of practices violating the collective rights of patients by the Toruń clinic.

“Additional nursing care cannot consist in providing health services, and this is clear from the content of the posted photo (the hospital should provide these services without additional fees on its own under the contract with the National Health Fund). The announcement may mislead patients as to the services they are entitled to.” are entitled to it. The matter will be clarified and concluded immediately, and I will inform you about it,” he wrote.

Main photo source: TVN24

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