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Toruń. They made cupcakes and lemonade and sold them. They were supported by animals from the shelter

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They came up with the idea to bake cupcakes and prepare lemonade and sell them in one of the estates in Toruń (Kujawsko-Pomorskie). Basia and Lena’s action turned out to be a bull’s eye. The girls donated the collected money to support an animal shelter.

Young residents of Toruń – friends Basia and Lena – prepared cupcakes, lemonade, and posted advertisements about their action on the estate, so that it would not go unnoticed. – The girls came up with the idea to help the animals on their holiday. They figured they would bake cupcakes and make lemonade. Everything came out quite spontaneously – says Marta Tymoszuk, mother of one of the girls.

The action exceeded expectations

Marta adds in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal that as parents they did not have too high expectations as to the effects of this action. It turned out, however, that it was a bull’s eye.

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– The girls were warmly welcomed by their neighbors and collected PLN 260. They also contributed 50 zlotys from each other. They said that even if they did not earn anything, they would still help the shelter – admits our interlocutor.

On the first day of the campaign (July 8) it turned out that the entire assortment was gone after an hour. The next day, new pastries and a drink had to be prepared. – The action of the girls met with a very positive response. Certainly, as parents, we are very happy and proud of them – emphasizes Marta.

With the money collected, the girls bought food and toys for animals from the Toruń shelter. – They were very happy to visit the shelter. They have already announced that they will want a dog from the shelter – emphasizes the woman.

The shelter thanks friends

The Toruń shelter accepted the gifts with gratitude. “We would like to thank our two friends – Basia and Lena, for a fantastic initiative for the shelter. The girls organized the sale of homemade lemonade and cupcakes on their estate, and they prepared it all themselves! You can see in the photo. Big applause for Basia and Lena for their great hearts and empathy, applause also for parents for their upbringing “- we read in the post on the shelter’s Facebook account.

Main photo source: Animal Shelter in Toruń / Facebook

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