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Torun. Was the law broken at a city council meeting? The director brought the dug up bones in a plastic box

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An unusual event during a session of the city council in Toruń (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship). Director of the Investment and Renovation Department, Sławomir Wiśniewski, showed during the meeting bones dug up on the boulevard in a plastic box. The police are investigating whether the law was broken during the presentation of the remains.

During the Thursday (April 20) session, a representative of the office provided information to the councilors about the progress of works on the Philadelphia Boulevard and the controversies related to this modernization. At one point he brought a plastic box and presented the bones. He indicated that these were all the remains that had been handed over to him from the construction site so far.

In an interview with Radio PiK, the director said that he sees nothing wrong with it. “We do not know what period these remains are from. We do not know whether they are human or animal. They are collected in a dignified way, secured. In the press there are information that there are a lot of these finds, that they are being desecrated. And we just we show that no. During the work, we will continue to find bones and we will also protect them in the same way” – noted Sławomir Wiśniewski.

Earlier, PAP reported that the bones on Philadelphia Boulevard lay unprotected on heaps of earth. The PAP reporter found them several times. On Friday, the police were notified again.

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“In response to your questions, I would like to inform you that we are checking whether the law was broken during yesterday’s session of the city council. We have secured the remains, which will be handed over for further examination. The further course of the proceedings depends on their result. The case is under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office of Toruń Centrum West” – informed PAP junior asp. Dominika Bocian, belt officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Toruń.

Controversy at city council meeting

Journalists tried to get a comment on the matter from the press officer of the magistrate, but she could not be contacted until the publication of the article. “In the present case, it will be necessary to determine whether there was contempt for the corpse, its desecration, desecration, etc. With regard to human remains, it should be considered whether there was any desecration of the corpse. Such an act is penalized by the provisions of criminal law, and the perpetrator is subject to a fine, is punishable by restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years,” Toruń lawyer Leszek Budkiewicz told PAP.

Sambor Gawiński, the provincial conservator of monuments, referred to the matter in an interview with Polish Radio PiK and PAP. “I don’t know what the director’s intention was. Out of respect for human remains, they should be left alone. I wouldn’t wear these bones, but they should be collected, collected to be used for any research. say, show photographs” – said Gawiński.

More debris on the boulevard

On Friday, a PAP reporter and a journalist from the Kiełpiński channel found more bones in a heap of earth. They also documented that the excavator filling the trench again throws soil into it, and more debris can be seen in it. There are also other pieces of pottery on the heap.

“For 20 years of work in the profession, I have had over two and a half thousand human skeletons in my hands. The bones found on the Boulevard of Philadelphia in Toruń should primarily be examined by physical anthropologists, and there is no shortage of such, otherwise excellent specialists in the city of Copernicus. They should determine “I don’t know whether we are dealing with human or animal bone material. If they are human bones, I cannot imagine a situation in which they are packed in a plastic box at a city council session” – archaeologist Robert Grochowski from Bydgoszcz told PAP.

Philadelphia Boulevard in ToruńToruń City Hall/Sławomir Kowalski

Currently, he is conducting pre-emptive archaeological research at the construction site of the 4th circle of the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz.

Main photo source: Kiełpiński Specifically/Facebook

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