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Tourism. Cities with the best public transport – ranking

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Berlin is the city with the best public transport in the world, according to a ranking published by CNN. The podium was completed by Czech Prague and Tokyo. The top ten includes only cities from Europe and Asia.

The ranking, whose results were published by CNN in early April, was prepared by Time Out, a publisher of travel guides to cities around the world. The list was created on the basis of ratings provided by 20 thousand. respondents from 50 different cities.

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The best public transport

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The ranking was dominated by cities from two continents: Europe and Asia. The top ten includes five cities from each of these continents, but the top ten is dominated by the Old Continent. As many as four European metropolises were classified in the first five positions. The aforementioned Berlin won, followed by Prague in the Czech Republic. The podium was completed by Japanese Tokyo, and the next two places were taken by Scandinavian cities – respectively Copenhagen and Stockholm.

“The top 10 – out of 19 cities on the list – are fully booked by Asian and European destinations, with Berlin in first place,” notes CNN. “The highest ranked representative of North America is New York, which is in 15th position, other continents have no representatives. Good luck next year, Buenos Aires, Doho and Melbourne” – added.

Berlin is the city with the best public transport in the worldShutterstock

Cities with the best public transport in the world:

11. London, Great Britain

13. Edinburgh, UK

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