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Tourism. Holiday destinations 2024. Poland at the top of the Lonely Planet ranking

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Where is the best place to go on vacation in 2024? Lonely Planet has published its annual ranking of tourist destinations recommended for the next year. Poland was at the forefront, taking first place in one of the categories.

The latest ranking of “Best in Travel 2024”, i.e. the best travel destinations for 2024, was published by Lonely Planet on October 24. It highlights a total of 50 places in the world worth visiting in the next 12 months. Awards were given in five categories: the best countries, cities, regions, sustainable travel destinations and the best value for money.

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The best countries for 2024

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Among the countries recommended by Lonely Planet for 2024, Mongolia won. The authors appreciated it for its “open spaces, adventures and distinctive culinary and musical culture”. It was noted that the authorities of this least populated country in the world are currently trying to increase its popularity among tourists by, for example, relaxing entry conditions and improving infrastructure.

They came in second place Indiaconsidered “the most colorful country in the world”, and in third place is the Caribbean country of Saint Lucia.

1. Mongolia 2. India 3. Saint Lucia 4. Mexico
5. Morocco 6. Chile
7. Benin 8. Uzbekistan 9. Pakistan 10. Croatia


The best cities for 2024

In the category of the most recommended cities to visit in 2024, the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, took first place. It was praised for its “unique rhythms, with an impressive array of regionally inspired restaurants, stands and cafes.” Attention was drawn to the enormous dynamics with which new places of culture and art are emerging, and Nairobi National Park, located near the city, was also noted, where you can admire over 400 species of animals.

Second place in this category was awarded to French Paris. It was noted that the Olympic Games held there in 2024 would provide new experiences in one of the most beloved cities in the world. Canadian Montreal took third place.

1. Nairobi (Kenya) 2. Paris (France) 3. Montreal (Canada) 4. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 5. Philadelphia (USA) 6. Manaus (Brazil) 7. Jakarta (Indonesia) 8. Prague (Czech Republic) 9. Izmir (Turkey) 10. Kansas (USA)


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The best regions for 2024

The best region to visit in 2024, according to Lonely Planet, is the American state of Montana, which offers some of the most majestic landscapes in the USA. It was appreciated for its views and wildlife, as well as its unique culture, cuisine and concern for the memory of its past. “Montana is a destination for everyone, at any time of the year,” it was assessed.

The second most recommended region was Donegal in northern Ireland, distinguished for its extraordinary coastline and beaches. In third place was the Trans Dinarica bicycle route, 3,364 km long, stretching through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.

1. Montana (USA) 2. Donegal (Ireland) 3. Trans Dinarica (Western Balkans) 4. Kangaroo Island (Australia) 5. Tuscany (Italy) 6. Basque Country (Spain) 7. Southern Thailand 8. Swahili Coast (Tanzania) ) 9. Saalfelden Leogang (Austria) 10. Northern Scotland

The best sustainable destinations for 2024

Ecuador was in first place among the destinations appreciated for sustainable development, due to its vast rainforests, wild rivers, active volcanoes and the fact that about 6% of the population lives there. all animal species. The country is implementing solutions to minimize the impact of tourists on its natural wealth – ecological houses powered by solar energy are being built, and even an airport powered by energy from renewable sources is being built.

Similar efforts have also been appreciated in Spain, which is trying, among others, to: bring tourists to emerging destinations such as Valencia, thereby reducing pressure on crowded cities such as Barcelona. Patagonia was placed third.

1. Ecuador 2. Spain 3. Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) 4. Greenland 5. Trails in Wales 6. The Way of St. James (Portugal) 7. Palau 8. Hokkaido (Japan) 9. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 10. South Africa


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The most profitable destinations for 2024

Lonely Planet also indicated the best tourist destinations for 2024 in terms of profitability – value for money. Poland was listed first in this category. Our country has been appreciated as “one of the most affordable destinations in Europe”. Poland, according to the authors of the ranking, offers a wide range of experiences, not only in cities, but also in “timeless rural areas”. Hiking in the Polish Carpathians was also recommended, where the trails “run through villages decorated with old wooden churches.”

Second in this category was the US Midwest with its “better-than-you-think” cities, while Central American Nicaragua was third.

1. Poland 2. Midwest USA 3. Nicaragua 4. Limes along the Danube (Bulgaria) 5. Normandy (France) 6. Egypt 7. Ikaria (Greece) 8. Algeria 9. Southern Lakes and Central Otago (New Zealand) 10. Night trains in Europe

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