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Tourism – the crisis of the aviation industry. Chaos at two-thirds of mainland airports, worst situation in Germany and Great Britain

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In summer, delays are unavoidable at two-thirds of European airports, forecasts the International Airports Council (ACI). For weeks, the airports have been struggling with strikes and staff shortages, and tens of thousands of flights have been canceled since April. The airports in Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris are the worst in this respect.

– Air traffic is recovering quickly, we have regained 86 percent. capacity from 2019 (i.e. before the Covid-19-red pandemic), in addition, a large part of the traffic moved west of Ukraine – reported in May the director of network management Jacopo Passinotti at ACI, which associates, among others, over 500 European airports.

Tourism. The situation at European airports is extremely bad

Travelers struggle with chaos around the world, but the situation in Europe is extremely bad. Compared to USA On the Old Continent, more than twice as many flights were canceled between April and June, according to data from RadarBox.com, an air traffic tracking company. Between April 1 and June 29, the ten worst airports in Europe in this respect canceled 64.1 thousand. flights.

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Many airports and airlines struggle with serious staffing problems, which forced them to cancel flights, and in addition, it was necessary to deal with strikes of both airport and airline employees, including British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet and Lufthansa from the past weeks.

Problems in this sector are caused by the fact that employment has also been reduced as the number of flights declined during the pandemic. Worldwide, 2.3 million people have been made redundant, according to the Air Transport Action Group lobbying group, with ground handling and security checks being the worst.

According to a study published in January 2021 by the European Transport Workers’ Federation, 58.5 percent. airport ground workers were out of work at that time, and at least 23 percent. has been released.

Since the demand for flying returns to pre-pandemic levels, airports lack luggage, security, security and cleaning staff and airports are unable to handle scheduled flights.

US airlines also cut staff during the pandemic, but most airlines, including major airlines American, Delta, United and SouthWest, started recruiting, which could take several months to train, as early as mid-2021.

The worst airports in Europe

Data collected by the aviation industry company Official Aviation Guide showed the worst airports in Europe. From July 1 to July 9, the Zaventem airport in Brussels was the worst, where 72 percent. flights were delayed, and 2.5 percent. canceled. The following places were placed, among others, by Frankfurt airports (68% delayed and 7.8% canceled), Paris-Charles de Gaulle (62% delayed and 3.1% canceled) and Amsterdam-Schiphol (61% and 5.2% canceled) .).

Airlines cancel thousands of flights; some notify passengers on the same day, while others make huge cuts in their schedules ahead of time. British Airways hit the headlines last week after announcing the cancellation of 10,300. flights from August to the end of October just one day after 1500 flights were canceled mainly in July.

An analysis of travel data company Mabrian shows that British Airways overtook Turkish Airlines in terms of the highest percentage of European flights canceled in the first half of July.

The low-cost German carrier Eurowings topped the list with 1,007 canceled flights, accounting for 11.8 percent. all scheduled flights.

Mabrian’s Sales and Marketing Director, Carlos Cendra, explains that this is because the airlines have planned a large portion of their traffic at airports that are overcrowded, such as London Heathrow. – Eurowings had almost 5 percent. of its flights scheduled from London, while Lufthansa only had 3 percent. their flights from London – argues Cendra quoted by the Euronews portal.

The next airlines on the list are British Airways – 8.7 percent. canceled flights, Turkish Airlines – 6.9 percent and Swiss EasyJet – 5.9 percent.

The chaos is felt most by travelers from Germany

According to Mabrian data, the chaos at airports will be felt most by travelers from German. From 14 June to 5 July, 1,482 flights scheduled for the first half of July were canceled in this country, which is 6 percent. all flights from German airports, and at the same time 27 percent. all canceled flights with origin or destination in Europe.

Great Britain it ranks second, with 1,060 flights canceled during this period, accounting for 3.2%. departures from this country. In total, 5,464 flights were canceled from 1 to 15 July in Europe.

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