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Tourism – winter 2023. Favorite winter destinations of Poles

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In the winter season 2022/2023, the situation with organized tourist trips of Poles is slowly returning to the state before the pandemic – said Paweł Niewiadomski, President of the Polish Chamber of Tourism. Italy remains in first place in the ranking of the favorite ski destinations. On the other hand, Egypt was the leader in bookings of travel agency clients for the winter.

The report of the Polish Chamber of Tourism on organized trips for Poles with travel agencies from December 1, 2022 to the end of March 2023 was discussed at the Thursday conference at the International Tourism Fair in Warsaw. The study was created in cooperation with the partners: holiday.pl, travelplanet.pl and fly.pl. The season is not over yet, but booking data for March as of late February 2023 has been included.

Favorite winter destinations of Poles

When asked by journalists about the ending winter season, the president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism assessed it “basically good”. – Of course, in the scale of tourism as a whole, different sectors have different results, some better, some worse. It is important from the point of view of our report that there are no draconian changes when it comes to the structure of trips. It is important that we are slowly returning to normality before the pandemic and I would like to convey this message – said Niewiadomski.

He added that the industry should be satisfied with this season, especially when it comes to ski trips, the scale of which has returned to the situation before the COVID-19 pandemic. The report concerned, among others ski tourism and trips of Poles on foreign holidays to Mediterranean and exotic countries.

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As noted at the conference, it is not known exactly how many Poles took advantage of these trips with travel agencies, because there is no such data yet. According to Anna Podpora (wakacje.pl), estimates say that over 1 million Poles went on such winter holidays. She stipulated that these are only an order of magnitude, not specific data, because the season is not summarized. She added that it is certainly more than in the winter season 2021/2022, but it has not yet been compared exactly to the 2019/2020 season.

– We are definitely talking about increases, we are definitely talking about more tourists who have left – assured Podpora.

The report shows that less than 5% of of all winter organized trips were ski trips. Poles most willingly went skiing to Italian (over 47 percent), Austria (22.2%) or skiing in Poland (20%). It was in the next place (3.5%) Slovakia.

Favorite winter destinations of Polestravelplanet.pl

Jarosław Kałucki from travelplanet.pl pointed out that the scale of ski trips to Slovakia is underestimated, because many Poles go there individually, many even for one day. He assessed that in winter Slovakia is an equivalent for Poles Croatia in summer season.

When it comes to skiing stays in Poland, Świeradów Zdrój was the most popular – in organized trips, followed by Zakopane, and Karpacz – third. More people went to Poland in winter, however, not to ski in the mountains, but to stay at resorts and hotels by the Polish seaside, especially during winter holidays.

In winter, Poles willingly went on vacation to Egypt (32.5 percent, slightly less than the year before), Malta (12.3 percent), Spain (11.3 percent) and Cyprus (11.1 percent). . 3.7 percent chose the Arab Emirates, 3.3 percent. stayed on organized stays in Poland, according to the presented report. Among the most exotic destinations, where Poles flew in winter, were: Dominican Republic, Tanzania (Zanzibar) and Thailand.

The average cost of booking a trip to the so-called warm countries amounted to approx. 8 thousand. PLN 710, and the cost of one person’s stay – approx. PLN 3,000. PLN 602. It was 12 percent. more than a year earlier. It is stated that the costs are mainly influenced by it fuel price airfare and local accommodation costs. Poles are most likely to fly for week-long stays, according to the report.

During the conference it was emphasized that those who can afford such trips benefit from winter trips. It was noted that Poles are not discouraged by the economic situation, high prices or inflation, and they treat going on vacation as an important element of their lives, an important psychological need and allocate money for it in their household budgets.

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