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Tourist voucher 2023 – until when, how many people have already used it – data of the Polish Tourist Organization

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The Polish Tourist Voucher program is to be valid until the end of March 2023. “There is still a group of people who have not used the benefit they are entitled to or have not used all the funds they are entitled to” – pointed out Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Andrzej Gut-Mostowy. According to the data of the Polish Tourist Organization (POT), almost 80 percent of the funds from the program have been used so far.

According to the information of the Polish Tourist Organization, it follows that from the launch of the Polish program Tourist Voucher in July 2020, until the end of 2022, 3,558,618 tourist vouchers were redeemed in the amount of approximately PLN 2,953,921,213. It was calculated that the largest amount of funds went to tourism entities from the following voivodeships: Małopolskie (PLN 625 billion), Pomorskie (PLN 519 billion) and Zachodniopomorskie (PLN 456 billion).

The biggest increases in the use of a tourist voucher

It was indicated that the largest increases in activation and use of tourist vouchers in 2022 were traditionally observed during holidays, picnics and holidays. The winter season 2021/2022 was particularly successful for mountainous regions, which were visited by 5.8 million visitors, of which only 2.8 percent were tourists. were visitors from abroad. The regions most frequently visited in winter were Małopolska and Lower Silesia. From January 17 to February 28, 2022, tourism entrepreneurs from these regions received PLN 56.5 billion. Throughout Poland, by the end of February, the amount of payments with tourist vouchers amounted to PLN 2.1 billion.

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In the opinion of the Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, the winter holidays in 2022 turned out to be the perfect time to use the voucher. “The Polish base created for winter sports and active tourism encouraged tourists to choose our mountains and mountain sports centers that are developing every year, which can compete with the most famous ones in Europe” – indicated the deputy minister. He noted that many Poles decided to pay for holidays with their families or stays of the youngest at camps and winter camps with vouchers.

“Entrepreneurs clearly felt the benefits of accepting voucher payments – the amount they received during the last holidays was more than twice as high as in 2021. I believe that thanks to the possibility of further support for travel budgets with the Polish Tourist Voucher, the winter season 2022/2023 and subsequent holidays will be equally successful for both beneficiaries and tourism entrepreneurs” – he said.

“Compatriots are eager to discover new, less known corners of the country”

The summary of the POT shows that also during last year’s holidays there was a noticeable increase in the activation and use of the voucher: PLN 2.8 billion was transferred to the accounts of travel entrepreneurs. Most to facilities providing hotel and accommodation services (56.6%) and organizers of tourist events (35%).

“Tourists are more and more aware that Poland is not limited to just a few of the most popular regions. Our compatriots are eager to discover new, less known corners of the country, and the interest in short, local trips is also growing. tourist products and thus affect the development of the national offer” – said Anna Salamończyk-Mochel, Vice-President of the Polish Tourist Organization.

In her opinion, the Polish Tourist Voucher fulfills its role not only as a support for families and the industry, but also as a tool popularizing getting to know your own country and stimulating demand for national, regional and local tourism.

According to the latest POT research from September last year, from the beginning of the program, only up to 1 percent of tourist facilities, customers with vouchers did not come. On the other hand, for 41 percent of them, it was the tourist voucher that motivated them to organize holidays, and one third of domestic tourists went with it to places they had not visited before, often in their immediate vicinity.

So far, the inhabitants of the Śląskie, Wielkopolskie, Małopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Łódzkie voivodships have used the Polish Tourist Voucher most actively.

Polish Tourist Voucher extended

It was written that the Polish Tourist Voucher program will last until March 31, 2023. In total, around PLN 393 million in vouchers remains to be used throughout Poland, which can support the travel budgets of traveling families and tourist entrepreneurs.

It was reminded that the voucher can be used to pay for hotel services, such as staying at a hotel, guest house, camping or agritourism farm, or tourist events, winter camps or one-day trips without accommodation. It is also possible to pay with a Polish Tourist Voucher an advance payment for tourist services that will take place at a later date, e.g. next year’s holidays.

“The extension of the program to March 31 is an additional economic strengthening of the tourism industry, especially the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose economic situation has not returned to the period before the restrictions in force during the state of epidemic and which the conflict in Ukraine additionally hindered the reconstruction of tourist traffic. There is still a group of people who have not taken advantage of the benefit they are entitled to or have not used all the funds they are entitled to and will be happy to finance family holidays in this way – indicated Gut-Mostowy.

The activation of the voucher takes place via the PUE platform ZUS. All information about the program and a map of facilities accepting payments with the Polish Tourist Voucher are available on the website bonturyczny.polska.travel.

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