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Town Hall: almost half of the teachers want to leave their jobs

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In the town hall, partial results of the research on teachers in Warsaw were presented. – The government’s educational policy certainly does not make teachers feel better. The situation is bad and even dramatic – comments Renata Kaznowska, vice-president of Warsaw, who is responsible for education.

Over 31,000 teachers are employed in Warsaw schools and educational institutions. 828 people participated in the study conducted by the city in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. – The results that we are talking about today are only partial, because our study is part of a project in which universities from Turkey and Wales also participate – commented Joanna Gospodarczyk, head of the Warsaw Education Office.

During the research, the city wanted to find out, inter alia, why teachers leave the profession. 70 percent surveyed teachers have been working in education for over four years. 62 percent of them work in primary schools, 25 percent. in kindergartens, and 13 percent. in secondary schools.

What do they dislike about school?

When asked about the reasons for their decision to work at school, they most often mentioned: interests and predispositions, work with children, job stability, number of teaching hours, work for the community. It turned out, however, that almost half of them are not satisfied with this work. When asked “do you feel satisfied with your work?” 22 percent said “yes”, 49 percent. – “rather yes”, 20 percent – “rather not”, and 9 percent “no.” Among the things that most demotivate them in their daily work, they mentioned: salaries (75 percent), difficulties in cooperation with parents (49 percent), working conditions (29 percent). 49 percent of the respondents admitted that they thought about changing their profession.

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Deputy Minister Rzymkowski on teachers’ salaries and Polish Lada

Undervalued and overworked

Why are teachers considering changing jobs? The responses included, among others such sentences: “Decline of the teaching profession, lack of social respect, low wages, lack of prospects and no dialogue with the government.” “I feel underestimated by the environment. The teaching profession has become a profession without social prestige” or “Work is a heavy time burden for a small salary, and additionally it is very mentally and physically demanding”.

– The surveyed teachers indicated that work negatively affects their health, mental condition and family relationships – said the Economic Director.

And vice-president Kaznowska summed up: – The situation is bad, and even dramatic. We have nearly 2,000 vacancies, and another 5,000 teachers are retired or eligible. In addition, there are further difficulties ahead of us, including the accumulation of years in this year’s recruitment to secondary schools and the ideas of Minister Czarnek aiming at the centralization of education – she enumerated.

The city authorities are to discuss these partial results with school principals next week. – We will make every effort to improve the situation, keep teachers in the profession, but it is not a simple task – added Kaznowska.

Salaries and the Polish Order

This week, the capital city hall reported that approx 20 percent of teachers received lower salaries in January than before. Some were supposed to see salaries reduced by even a few hundred zlotys on the accounts. The reason is to be the tax changes implemented in the new year as part of the Polish Deal.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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