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Traffic jams on Zakopianka, changed bus routes in Krakow

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It’s snowing in parts of the country. The rainfall caused difficulties, among others, on the popular Zakopianka. On the mountain section of the road, trucks cannot cope with the slippery surface, which causes traffic jams. It is also difficult to drive on the roads of Podkarpacie.

It’s snowing in southern Poland. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued warnings about dangerous weather.

– Several centimeters of fresh snow fell in Zakopane. He is actually freezing, a crust has formed. Therefore, the road situation in many places is not the best – said TVN24 reporter Maciej Stasiński on Saturday. – On the mountain sections of Zakopianka, especially towards Krakow, drivers have a lot of problems. Travel time from Zakopane to Krakow extended to two hours and thirty minutes – said the reporter.

On the mountain section of the road below Tatra Mountains trucks cannot cope with slippery surfaces, which causes traffic jams. The heaviest snowfall occurred on the Kraków-Nowy Targ section and in the Sądecczyzna region. In Podhale itself, between Nowy Targ and Zakopane, it snowed and rained at night, but there were no major traffic problems there. On S7, near Głogoczów, a truck hit barriers in the morning, which caused major traffic jams on the road to the Tatra Mountains.

Problems with public transport in Krakow

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Difficult road conditions prevail in Krakow. All snow removal equipment at the disposal of the Municipal Cleaning Company in Krakow is working on the city streets on Saturday. 265 plows and salters were delivered – said the Krakow city hall. Forecasts indicate that heavy snowfall will continue until Sunday. Up to 30 to 40 centimeters of snow may fall during this time. Most of the city’s streets are white and slippery, so the city council appeals to residents not to drive their cars on the roads unless they have to. Slippery road surfaces caused difficulties in public transport on Saturday morning. They mainly concern agglomeration lines reaching towns near Krakow. The routes are shortened or changed: 133, 135, 215 and 225, 220, 235, 262, 277, 278 and 310. Additionally, the passage to ul. Czerwiakowski in Kraków – line 144 turns around at the Wielicki Junction. There is no crossing through the street. Halszki and Beskidzka – buses are detoured through ul. Stojałowski, Herbert and Witos.

Difficulties on roads in Podkarpacie

In Podkarpacie, all national and provincial roads were passable on Saturday morning. Constantly falling snow makes driving difficult for drivers in the region. As the officer on duty at the Provincial Crisis Management Center said: Rzeszów, no major weather-related events were recorded in the region. – The fire brigade reported only five interventions. There are local road disruptions, but nothing serious. With such snowfall, these difficulties will persist throughout the day, he added.

The Podkarpackie police appeal for prudence and common sense

As Commander Ewelina Wrona from the Podkarpackie Police press office said, no major interventions were recorded on Saturday morning.

– The current weather conditions make road conditions difficult. We appeal for prudence and common sense. Failure to adjust your speed to the road conditions may even result in a tragedy. Let us remember that falling snow significantly reduces visibility, and slush on the roads lengthens the braking distance – she emphasized. Commander Wrona added that you should be especially careful near forests and water reservoirs – the road there may be particularly slippery. – Be careful near pedestrian crossings. Let’s also be careful when approaching them. If a pedestrian enters the crosswalk, a car driver may not brake, she said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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