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Tragedy on Lake Tałty. The boat capsized, an eight-year-old girl died. There is an indictment, the helmsman will stand trial

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A man will stand trial for causing an accident on Lake Tałty (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). An eight-year-old girl died after the boat capsized. The accused faces up to eight years in prison.

The accident happened on June 18, 2022 on Lake Tałty. Seven people were traveling in the speedboat: four adults and three children. At some point, the boat tilted and the participants of the cruise fell into the water. The boat capsized and began to sink. An eight-year-old girl was trapped in the cabin of the boat.

Prosecutor’s office: intentionally violated water traffic safety rules

According to Cezary Fiertek, the District Prosecutor in Olsztyn, an indictment was filed with the District Court in Mrągowo. in such a way that as the manager – the ship’s captain – being responsible for observing the shipping regulations on the ship and for safety on the ship during navigation, and having no motorboat license or knowledge in the field of safe navigation on water, he was driving the Viva 606 motor boat.

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As the investigators established, the man used a steering technique inconsistent with the principles of proper maneuvering of a boat with a motor, i.e. he performed an incorrect maneuver in response to waves created by other vessels and placed the boat sideways to the wave, which contributed to the loss of stability of the boat and, consequently, to the its overturning. Passengers had no vests. They were also unevenly distributed in the boat. The suspect inadvertently caused an accident in which an eight-year-old girl died, prosecutors say.

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Divers found the girl in the cabin of the sunken boat KP PSP in Mrągowo

He was sailing a motorboat with a court injunction

The man will also be responsible for the second act, namely for not complying with the ban on driving any motor vehicles imposed by the Kutno court in 2020 (from November 27, 2020 for a period of two years). The accused faces up to eight years in prison. The search operation was difficult because the reservoir is very deep. After a few hours, the divers managed to reach the sunken boat. After breaking the window, they took the child out. The girl was dead. In places, the depth of Lake Tałty reaches 45 meters.

Main photo source: TVN24

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