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Train collision in Buenos Aires. Accusations against the president of Argentina

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To a serious railway accident in Buenos Aires it occurred on Friday at 10:30 local time (3:30 p.m. in Poland). At least 90 people were injured after passenger train passing through a viaduct over a street in the district Palermo hit a train composed of a locomotive and an empty wagon. Following this, a rail vehicle carrying people partially derailed.

Emergency services were called to the scene immediately, including almost 100 ambulance and medical helicopter crews. One third of the injured travelers were injured to a serious extent – among them two train drivers. Fortunately, no one died, some passengers even left the carriages on their own – Argentine media report.

Train collision in Buenos Aires. “The government has no money for spare parts”

The seven-car train belonged to the state-owned carrier Argentine Trains. She dealt with the collision in the capital of Argentina prosecutors Office, but the matter is also beginning to have political implications. According to the AP agency, the railway workers' union is reporting that items had been stolen at the accident site earlier several meters of copper cable. Thanks to it, the system worked to prevent potential disasters.

The heads of the organization blame the libertarian president Javiera Mileiathat the state spends too little money on public infrastructure in the name of “economic savings“. – We have been demanding the repair of stolen signaling cables for 10 days. The government stated that there is no money for spare parts – said one of them – Omar Maturano – w radio With You.

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Earlier – an hour after the disaster – the mayor of Buenos Aires Jorge Macri admitted in a conversation with the media that “there are reports of cable theft.” – But we want to be careful, we are checking the information – he said.

Javier Milei and the big spending cut in Argentina

Javier Milei became president of Argentina at the end of 2023. At that time, the country was struggling with a very high exceeding 200 percent inflation. The libertarian candidate convinced the majority of voters with slogans including: sharp cuts in public spendingmassive and radical privatization of state property, “dollarization” of the economy and the liquidation of unnecessary institutions, in his opinion.

His demands also included: sale into private hands of currently state-owned railway carriers. In response, employees of these companies recently went on a 24-hour warning strike.

Lasek in 'Graffiti' about CPK: I was a critic of this idea because there was no dialogue with the previous government/Polsat News/Polsat News

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