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Training of Ukrainian volunteers in Great Britain. “Simultaneously hard and easy training”

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The reporter of “Fakty” TVN Maciej Woroch looked at the training of Ukrainian volunteers in Great Britain. The British want to train over 20,000 soldiers. The youngest volunteers are 18 years old. They are eager to fight because – as they say – the Russians took away their future. Training takes place in four secret bases.

Screams, curses, explosions and gunshots. All this is to make the stress similar to what awaits them on the battlefield. It’s both hard and easy training at the same time. You ask how is that possible? It’s easy when you realize I didn’t have much of a choice. It’s hard when I think about my family, what they’re going through, how scared they are. These are two sides of the coin, says Dmytro, a Ukrainian volunteer. Dmytro is 40 years old. Before the war he had a printing company. Roman is 20 years younger than him. Only a year ago, he tied his entire future to football. – I played in the team, I was doing very well, but with the arrival of these Russian dummies everything changed, my whole life, my whole future – says Roman, a Ukrainian volunteer. The faces of the volunteers, the trainers and the location of the training ground, in accordance with the instructions of the British Ministry of Defence, we must keep secret, because they may become targets of Russian agents.

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In four secret bases – scattered all over the country – over 17,000 people from Ukraine have been trained over the last 12 months. Five weeks of intensive training is expected to turn Ukrainian volunteers into soldiers. On the training ground in southern England, they can make mistakes, because it’s possible to repeat what didn’t work out. At the front, what they learn will save their lives. This, apart from learning to shoot, to effectively eliminate the enemy, is the overriding goal of this training. – From fighting in the woods, which is the basis of our doctrine, to fighting in the city, which is a relatively new part of training. We teach them everything, how to combine different elements. So that they can eliminate the enemy from the trenches and then clear the buildings in cities like Bakhmut a moment later – explains the lieutenant of the Royal Air Force.

From England, a group of several dozen men, the youngest of whom is 18 years old and the oldest 59 years old, is to go straight to the front. The Ukrainian archbishop sends them there with blessings and rosaries. 27-year-old Vlad, a welder by education, will also take with him to his homeland anger at the Russians and dreams of going to Spain to the seaside. Most of them fled the country before the war. They stayed like me and the younger ones to defend what they haven’t taken from us yet – explains Wład. Several hours a day at the training ground, huge physical and mental effort – this is just the beginning for them. After completing their training in England, there is no rest for them, and the only reward they can count on for now is an increased chance of returning from the front.

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